What is BABY Doss?

We invited our parents and siblings over on Monday night to share our baby gender news!
I called Just Desserts and let them know what Ryno and I found out at the dr. They whipped up a SWEET cake and I picked it up after Erin and I got home from visiting in the mountains. 

Let's see what our sweet baby is!

Team PINK!
(Aunt Erin, my mom, me, Dossinator's mom, and Aunt Kayla)

(Uncle Greg, Grandpa Dan, sweet Alexis, Geno, and Dossinator)
BLUE! Handsome BOY!

Is he not a blessing! 

Sweet son, Mommy and Daddy are so very excited about you! You have made us so happy already and we know there is so much more on the way. At times we just start smiling thinking about you. Your daddy checks in and makes sure we are ok. Your grandparents, aunts, and uncles are about to burst they are so excited. Your Great-Grandma Patty knew what you were before anyone. I hope you heard her voice when Aunt Erin and I went to visit her today. She told lots of stories, but most of all she shared the truth that God gives us. You are a blessing. Love you. 

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