24 Weeks ... August is coming quick!

Highlights: Week 24

How Far Along: 24 weeks + 1 day

Maternity Clothes: I am definitely enjoying the way they accentuate this bump. Without maternity clothes my shirts are extremely short and not flattering at all! My pants are done zipping! I found some lounge clothes at Motherhood Maternity after school today. I'm thankful that people create clothes to help make this time a bit more beautiful! 

Sleep: I'm still using my Boppy Wedge. We have been walking nearly every night, so that's helped alleviate any back aches! 

Best Moment this week: I would say nearly every day has been great! It's so nice having Ryan here and not working late hours. I am so proud of him, but man I missed him. Saturday was a day of organization! Is it too early to begin nesting, because I may have a touch of it? Sunday night we walked down to the pond to fish with Daddy. Lyla took a little dip as well. I went out to eat with Mom and Dad, too. It was fun to just talk and spend time with them! Dad and Greg came over on Monday and started the first step of painting our garage floor. Thankful doesn't even say enough when it comes to all that they have done for us. Whenever Dad has a free second and some extra paint he uses it on our house. AWESOME. We love you Daddy!

Food Cravings: I am eating as healthy as I can. Ryan started a challenge and it's been a nice way to keep me on track as well!

How’s Mama? Happy. Happy. Happy. I am really enjoying pregnancy and feeling Vann flip and twist all around. God is great and a miracle worker for sure!

What I am looking forward to: Of course meeting Vann in 16 weeks! He was bee-bopping all around last night and I told Ryan that he wanted to come out and play. Ryno didn't like that I said that since he said Vann needs to stay in until he is big enough! Protective Daddy is right; I totally agree. 

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: Vann is around the size of a canteloupe!

Vann Hudson, we have a doctor's appointment tomorrow! Your heartbeat is like music to our ears! We love to see and feel you kick! I hope you like mama's singing since you kick so much when I do! You are a miracle and loved!

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