25 weeks!

How Far Along: 25 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Yes! I'm also having to borrow Ryan's tshirts to sleep in and wear around the house! It's so nice not to feel like a roly poly squeezed in a tiny tshirt!

Sleep: doing better, but considering it's 330 in the am and I'm wide awake makes me unsure. We are at camp with our fifth graders and I got to bed a little earlier than normal. I'm hoping some blogging will be therapeutic and put Vann and I back to sleep soon!

Best Moment this week: 1. My fifth graders finishing their CRCT! That is an amazing feeling knowing that there's a bit more time for celebration and unique activities! 2. Our doctor's appointment went terrific! Vann is measuring wonderfully and his heartbeat sounds like music to our ears! Our next appointment will be a 3D! 3. Some really cool answers to prayers have been happening, and I'm praying for God's will and guidance! 4. Ryan and I headed to downtown Athens on Saturday to catch the Terrapin Twilight. The rain held off and we enjoyed our annual event with great friends and good food!

Food Cravings: nothing major!

How’s Mama? I can't complain! Life is good! I'm feeling better now that the nursery is looking more like a nursery. It's a weird feeling to walk by our old guest room and see a crib. I LOVE it!

What I am looking forward to: I can't wait to start our birthing classes! I'm ready to get my mindset and start focusing on having Vann! He has to come out someday! I can't wait to see the 3D ultrasound!! Wonder who he'll resemble - Ryan or me?

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: Vann is around the size of an eggplant! He's continuing to grow - the proof is my belly that my students point out. "Wow, you're getting big!" I remind them it's Vann growing! He is a kicking machine and I love it. What a little stinker he was being. I kept trying to capture his kicks on camera, and anytime the camera would come on he'd stop! This changed on Saturday morning!! I finally got a video of his strong kicks! My belly reminds me of a dodge ball.

Vann Hudson, you are so cool little man! Thank you for blessing us with your life. We are so excited to love and hug on you in a bit more than three months. I can't wait until you start hearing about God's plan for your life. You're going to be a part of something huge!

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