Our happy place!

**some of this post was written at the beach and some at home...forgive me for switching from past and present tense**

Mom and I are enjoying our happy place..the beach! We are both reading, relaxing, and getting some sun!

We arrived on Wednesday to be greeted with rain, but like the song says ... Rain is a good thing. It gave us time to buy groceries, a couple other things, and let up enough for a walk on the beach!

Thursday was a rain-free day, but cloudy until late afternoon! We did enjoy sitting out on the beach after an adventurous morning. We headed over to Baytowne Wharf to visit one of Mom's sweet college friends who is down now as well with three of her children! We enjoyed brunch at Another Broken Egg cafe and hung out with Becky! The beach wasn't too crowded, so we found a spot and relaxed. We decided on a little restaurant some of us had been to last time we were down. It didn't disappoint and the wait was short!!

On Friday we grabbed lunch on the beach at The Back Porch! Shrimp and scallops were super delicious and we got to sit on the back porch deck with heaters to protect us from the cold weather. It was fun and relaxing for sure!
After this meal...the sun peeked out for a bit and we decided to go to the beach. Not pictured is us in our jackets and yoga pants with our hoods on to protect us from the wind! haha! 

On Saturday the weather was glorious! Where had it been all of our lives this week!?  We soaked up every ray... maybe a bit too much. We got a little sunburn, but we were sure it would turn tan. We could live with the consequences for today!

I love spending time with my mama. There's no one like her, and I am thankful for her sweet spirit. We have a blast just being ourselves and enjoying the present.

On the last night we rode over to Seaside thinking we'd enjoy one of the restaurants there, but we decided that we didn't want to wait. So, we rode back over to Destin after calling Bubba Gumps (I knew they'd have the shrimp I'd been craving...Forrest is famous for his shrimp) and finding there was NO wait! Before we left Seaside though, some pictures of the sunset happened. It was divine timing for sure!

 You can't make things up like that sunset! Man, it's gorgeous! 

After our trip around the panhandle in search of a restaurant and finally going to our original place we had in mind... this is what was smack-dab in the middle of the table. "It's funny how things work out." ... to say the least!  Thanks Forrest!


We had a great trip and woke up early to head back to our families! Before we left, some pictures were snapped on the balcony and a yummy breakfast was enjoyed!  Thank God for a safe trip and a beautiful memory with my mom! I wouldn't change a thing except for the sunshine peeking through a bit more!


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