30 weeks!

How Far Along: 30 weeks & 2 Days
Sleep:So, last post I shared that sleep was just uncomfortable...I found a solution! After I met with a new 24 Day Challenger on Thursday, I called Ryan to let him know I was going to Target and there may be a pricey purchase on the bank statement. He knew how bad my sleep had been and said ok! I am the good sleeper out of the both us...now nearly 8 months pregnant...I toss and turn, make weird noises, and often wake at 4 am for an hour or so. Target had just what I was looking for (don't they always...sometimes TOO much) and I scooped it right up. I was happy that a lady in front of me in the checkout line confirmed on how this contraption was a life-saver for her daughter. Needless to say, I am SOLD! It is a God-send for sure! Welcome to the bedroom Boppy Total Body Pillow. I have slept great since Thursday night . . . even if it does take up a LOT of space. Little Vann can kick all he wants!
Best Moment This Week: I would have to say we had a blast on Saturday at our Childbirth Preparation Class. There was a reason Ryan and I haven't had a single class together. He cracks me up. At one point I was holding back the biggest snort and hiding behind another classmate. It wasn't because of the graphic videos, body parts being talked about, or pictures...it was from a simple made-up word that kept being used. Ryan thought it would be cute to illustrate our book using the word and give one of the ladies in the book a nice barbwire tattoo. I lost it. We have one more class on Saturday and then I can reveal the word...never know who's reading this little ole blog!

Sunday, I edited pictures from the sessions I had the two weekends prior. Hannah had her sweet graduation party. Friday was Erin's birthday, so yesterday I took her to lunch and we shopped for a bit. I bought Ryan a Father's Day gift. I'm pretty sure he's going to LOVE it. We had a fun night of games with our small group.

Today, I went to the OB and had my two-week check up. Everything looked great and Vann's heartbeat was 148 bpm. He is seriously kicking all around and he's big enough now that I can just poke and feel him at any given moment. SO COOL! Then, I visited Danielle and Jase. He is so sweet with his little coos and Danielle is a born-to-be-mama! She looks phenomenal and always gives great advice! This afternoon, I caught up with Mal and got the most precious video of James Douglas pushing a toy while walking behind it. I can't wait to see them soon!
Food Cravings: Still on my healthy kick with fruits and veggies. This is normal for summer time. Ryan is a champ and has been cutting up squares of watermelon that are easy to grab in the fridge. I have been chopping up tomatoes and cucumbers and adding red wine vinegar, tiny bit of olive oil, oregano, Italian seasoning, and a pinch of sugar. It is something my Daddy does every summer, and I couldn't resist doing it this year. Try it!
How’s Mama? I feel like I am a sweaty mess. I mean, I walk outside and my face to my toes start glistening. I DO NOT like sweat unless I am doing some major workout. It's definitely something that I am not used to. The sweating along with trying to catch my breath in this humidity is another thing. I walked down to bring Ryan his lunch when he was painting more of the dock on Sunday and it was like I ran a 5k. This is totally par for the course, so I will deal with it and welcome it because it brings us closer to the day we meet lil Vann! 

What I am looking forward to: There are a couple more books that were recommended to me from a sweet mommy friend, and I can't wait until they arrive. I love learning about how to prepare for this little bundle and what to expect in labor and deliver. I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I am planning (I know...I must be flexible) to deliver all natural. My mom is definitely my inspiration as she did it with all three of us. I feel very good about it, and Ryan's 100% on board.

I have started nesting, so that definitely has me working at home more than normal. Today I just deep cleaned part of the house and tomorrow I plan on organizing the nursery before my next couple of showers hit. I am feeling very goal-oriented this summer and have lots to do before Vann man arrives. Will it be done? YES!

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms:

Vann can be compared to a cucumber or head of cabbage...confused? Me too. I guess one is the length 15-16 inches is a mighty long cucumber and the weight of a cabbage, about 2.5 lbs. All I know, is he stretches from the top of my stomach to the super-low bottom! His skin is getting smoother and brain is getting wrinklier. He's strong enough to make a good grip around a finger (if he were able)!

What a gift from God. So many people come up and just rub my belly in awe of the blessing and miracle you are. I love when I talk to you and you squirm around. Today, I took a nap and you curled up too. Normally when I rest it's night and you are a wild man, but during the day you like your sleep. Love you sweet boy.

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