31 Week Bumpdate!

How Far Along: 31 weeks & 2 Days
Sleep: It's so much better this week! I have definitely gotten my money's worth out of the Boppy Total Body Pillow. I wake up when Ryan heads to work and feel so refreshed which is a nice change from before.
Best Moment This Week: Hmm! I loved our birthing class once again. It really has eased any fears that I had before. It feels nice to have done a lot of research, reading, and have it confirmed by an experienced teacher.

I loved Friday! I had an awesome morning with Carrie and got my hair done. I could seriously fall asleep in her chair. She is blessed with a gift. Then, I met Mom for lunch at Cream & Shuga. It has become one of my favorites. When I got home the Dossinator was really wanting to play golf, so I asked if he wanted some company in the golf cart. He was in, so I got to enjoy watching him play, spending time with each other, and catching a nice rain shower around hole 15. Dinner afterwards was great as well.

Saturday, after our class, Ryan was finishing up some more of the dock and I was reading in my chair enjoying the sun. Then, Lyla gave us a real scare...not talking about that in the "best moment this week" category, so it will be in another post.
I had fun last night with Gabby. We had some laughs and learned a lot about nursing our little babies. There were 17 moms and 5 of us didn't bring our spouse. Ryan said that's where he draws the line. Haha! I don't blame him. I can see why it would be super uncomfortable for the daddy's with all of the other women, holding baby dolls, and the lingo in general. I brought home info and stories and we feel great about Vann getting awesome nutrition that only I can provide! How cool are our bodies?

Food Cravings: Healthy, fresh, and cold! I can't do warm food right now...too hot! Salads and cut up fruit have been calling my name. I haven't been on a pickle kick like I was at the beginning, but the cucumber, tomato, and vinegarette summer salad has been awesome!
How’s Mama? Excellent! I am seriously enjoying pregnancy. It's such a different world that no one can possibly prepare you for. Vann's kicks are what I love. I can see his little body sliding and moving all around. Ryan heard our teacher say the fact about babies who listen to music and are spoken/sung to have a higher IQ. So, this week he asked me to play Mozart for Vann, but requested that it not be too loud. I love him. He is going to be the best daddy. Vann and I say our prayers when we are riding in the car and in the morning laying in bed. When I say his name he will move all around!

What I miss: I haven't really been missing anything until I went shopping for our maternity photo session and realized the stylish selection for pregnant mamas STINKS! I mean really. I walked into J Crew and got a bit sad when I saw all of the cute patterned shorts, tanks, and fun dresses. I am sure they wondered what an 8 month prego was doing in there! I turned around to walk out and the sweetest lady came in the store and exclaimed, "Oh, you are precious! When are you due?". She seriously made my day, y'all. We talked for a couple minutes and she shared that she had a 17 year old son and boys were amazing. Thank you God for your whispers to make me feel better right in J Crew!

What I am looking forward to: I am extremely, fabulously, amazingly excited about our maternity shoot tomorrow! I can't wait to see Michele and get our photos taken! Prayers that the weather is perfect!
Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms:
This week Vann is compared to the size of a pineapple and is around 3 lbs. He is growing and is almost full length from what he'll be when he arrives!
  • He's going through major brain and nerve development. (that's why I have been taking awesome prenatals that help with his DHA level and brain development)
  • Eye development, too. His irises now react to light!
  • All five of his senses should be in working order.

  • Fun Facts:
    • weight gain: yes. yes. yes. 24 lbs right now!
    • stretch marks: as of now, no! As soon as I post this, I will find like 10. haha.
    • mood: generally very happy. I have had a couple of tears this past week just from hormones when something doesn't go my way. I should really get over it.
    • belly button: It's not in or out...it's sort of incognito ... flat.
    • wedding rings: yep! I haven't had any swelling in my hands.

    Your daddy said you were a genius this week when you started dancing to the music we were playing. I still think you are head down since I can feel your little feet near my ribs and your fingers/hands make a smaller movement lower in my tummy. I read you are more comfy that way. 9ish more weeks until we get to hold your tiny hands and watch you yawn (my favorite baby move) out here in the big world. Until then little Vann man keep growing big and strong so we can play and love on you soon!

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