This is getting REAL!

So, we have made it over the 32 week mark! Monday was 8 months preggers for me! That seems unreal. Now, it's getting fast and there's still SO much to do!

How Far Along: 32 weeks & 3 Days
{My husband is ridiculously!}

Sleep: Can't complain! I am supposed to be on "summer" schedule, but it's not happening. I have found myself up around 5:45 because Lyla doesn't go on "summer". She likes to stick her cold nose right under my wrists and lift them up while I am sleeping. Once I let her out, she is good for the rest of the morning. However, I lie in bed with my eyes open and pray, think about what needs to be done, and enjoy feeling Vann wiggle around!
{I love this one! Thanks for the book Dr. Scales!}

Best Moment This Week: Maternity pictures were AWESOME on Thursday. 
I seriously LOVED them. 
My iMac stopped working last week, and I was BUMMED (keep reading for the silver lining). I brought it into PeachMac and it had 2 days left on the warranty. How lucky is that? They replaced the Hard Drive for FREE and my computer is back where it belongs. It certainly is nice to have a fresh start before Vann arrives. It will make me become more diligent in backing up my personal photos! Getting it back also made me realize how much I needed to update fonts, software, etc. It's been a refreshing change and really helped my creative juices get flowing.

Food Cravings: Still doing well eating! Nutrition is so important and I am always thankful for summer with tons of great fruit and veggie choices. I am still stuck on watermelon and my tomato,cucumber, & vinaigrette salad! Ryan has been grilling out as well and made some awesome jalapeno burgers for our small group last night. He is a GRILL MASTER!
How’s Mama? I feel amazing! There's nothing like growing a human. My check up today was good. My blood pressure went up a bit from the past visits. It's not high or out of the normal range, but for me and my normal it's up. We are keeping an eye on it. Everything else was great. Vann's heartbeat was 152 bpm and it sounded perfect.  I have seriously gotten great bursts of energy and focus and it's been nice to be at home during these times. Our house gets some TLC and the nursery is well-planned! I have also been able to help my mom and future sis-in-law plan the details for the wedding this weekend.

What I miss: This week...missing Ryan while he is at work. I love just spending time with him...even knowing he's in the house or the chair next to me makes it better. I am looking forward to a couple of weeks when he has some more time off.
What I am looking forward to: I want the nursery done NOW. That would mean I have to quit blogging and finish what I can on it. I am about to make Vann's mobile, edit a couple of photography sessions, and get ready for a nutritional mixer tomorrow evening!
Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms:

Vann's still growing, he weighs in at about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds and measures about 15.2 to 16.7 inches. I am pretty sure he is head down. I feel a lot stronger kicks near my ribs and little tickly feelings near my hips. I also had some Braxton Hicks contractions on Saturday at the mall. I breathed through them, relaxed, and all was good. 
Fun Facts:
  • weight gain: Still at 24 lbs right now!
  • stretch marks: Nope, but not sure how much longer my skin can hang in there!
  • mood: happy and smiley! It's hard not to smile when people around you are being so sweet and complimenting a lot.
  • belly button: Still flat. I feel Ryan's belly button to remind me what mine used to feel like!
  • wedding rings: yep!
  Vann, I love our prayers together. When I ask "how are you" and you kick back that's the sweetest. I hope that is a good kick and not a "Mom, I am stinkin' cramped up in here like a sardine"!  Everything is getting prepared for your arrival. We have a couple of baby showers to go and family and friends are going to love on you. I love when you slide your booty back and forth like you are dancing. How cute are you? See you soon little man. Daddy and I love you and thank God for you.

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