34 Week + Catch Up

How Far Along: 34 weeks and 2 days! 
Sleep: It's going! Rolling over is a CHORE to say the least, and GOODNESS GRACIOUS I miss sleeping on my back. I will wake up and catch myself and quickly roll back on to my side. Thank goodness I have only done it twice. To say I am tired is an understatement! Thank God for Spark. I HATE naps, but am forcing myself to take a break and enjoy one here or there...I hear when the baby gets here naps aren't much of an option!
Best Moment This Week: Since I am writing for two weeks (33 and 34) I have a couple of GREAT things that happened! 

1. On June 22nd, Greg and Alexis were married. It was a gorgeous ceremony, reception, and the weather couldn't have been better. There were so many things to do our heads were spinning, but it all came together and they are husband and wife. I have been praying for God's hand in every part of their lives! :) Congrats you two lovebirds!

2. Thursday was a great day! I went to a yummy lunch with Ryan and then I had a great visit with Malorie and James Douglas on Thursday! I love how talkative he is getting (sounds like Japanese to me, but he responds so animated)! He loved crawling and using me to stand up. I LOVED catching up with Mal and having a relaxing afternoon.   
3. Friday, Mama and I got to spend time together shopping and then floating in the pool! I love her! Then, Daddy and Greg came over after work on Friday to paint the nursery! PICS SOON! They were so fast and it looks amazing!

 4. Saturday was a busy day! First off, AdvoCare hosted their 360 event and Julie and I headed to the Gwinnett Arena! It was super and we got filled up so much on life in general and how we can all be greater! I love this company!

{This is our team that came to the event! What a committed group and ready to help lead others!}

 {Callie, Heather, Rose, and myself at the 10 year Reunion!}

My graduating class had our 10 year reunion at the Georgia Center of Continuing Ed on UGA's campus. It was the perfect space to hold the event.  I know 10 years... I am not old enough, am I? We all looked so similar to our senior year (minus Callie and I with our prego bellies). Erin helped me get prettied up. She seriously has a gift! It was a night of laughter and catching up! I enjoyed myself for sure!

{Callie and I with Brody and Vann}

5. My mom, aunt, Ryan's mom, and Ryan's aunt threw us an amazing shower on Sunday! SPOILED cannot even begin to describe it! I will do another post to share pics and details. Vann is already so loved. When the last guest left, I gave Lyla a bath and sat down to wait for Ryan to make it back from golfing...then I just wanted to burst into tears. I looked around our living room and the house was COVERED in clothes, supplies, and equipment all for Vann. 
My heart was so very full. Thank you for all who made it out!  

{Anna Beth, Aunt Erin, me, and Aunt Kayla...we missed a pic with Aunt Alexis, but it will happen soon!}

{The grandmothers and great-grandmothers!}
{The hostesses: Auntie Ann, Mom, Ms. Shelia, and Aunt Ginger}

Food Cravings: Watermelon is a big one! Thank God it's in season! I also have been loving my red grapes! It's something about the cold food that I need right now on these 85*+ days! I could drink gallons of water and still be thirsty, so that's what I have been doing! 

How’s Mama? I can't complain! Vann is just growing, stretching, moving, and I feel as good as can be expected for a baby pushing all around on me and being 2 weeks away from 9 months pregnant. I wouldn't change the sciatic nerve pain, braxton hicks, or extreme fatigue for ANYTHING! He is going to be here and in our arms! I am super thankful it's summer and my schedule is probably the most relaxed it has been in years!

I went to the doctor today for my 2 weeker appointment! Nothing but good news to report! Vann is great and Dr. Lake felt around to see how he was positioned...exactly what I thought! He is still head down. His heart rate was about 150 bpm and I am measuring right on target. My blood pressure was back to normal! Great report. Next time, we will have an ultrasound and then start going weekly! He's almost here!

What I miss: Not getting out of breath when doing simple chores! 

What I am looking forward to:  Seeing our sweet boy. Will he have hair? What color will his eyes be? What will his cry sound like? We our sooo very excited!

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms:
Vann is the size of a butternut squash! He's about 4-6 lbs and measuring about 17-18 inches! WOW! He loves to kick around (not too hard). Last week he had his back on the left side and decided on Thursday night to slide around to my right side! I remember waking up and telling Ryan my stomach hurt. Now we know why. He was moving all around! 

Fun Facts:
  • weight gain: 27 lbs and going strong!
  • stretch marks: None yet!
  • mood: happy and smiley! It's hard not to smile when people around you are being so sweet and complimenting a lot.
  • belly button: It may be poking out a little more. I can see a tiny bump when I wear fitted shirts/dresses.
  • wedding rings: yep!
  Vann, you are almost here! Keep growing and developing! We have lots of fun things out here for you, but you are safe and warm in Mommy's tummy for now. Everyone loves you and rubs my belly! Your cousins, Emily & Christy, and Aunt Necie LOVED feeling you at Uncle Greg's and Aunt Alexis' wedding! You even gave them some kicks! You get really still and stop hiccups when I hum to you our lullaby! I am hoping that works when you are here in our arms! Love you sweet boy.

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