9 and a half months with little Vann man!

How Far Along: 38 weeks & 3 Days
Sleep: YES! Much better this week. I haven't been getting up as much through the night! 
This Week: It's been a ton of fun and very productive! Since I was later blogging last week, I only have a couple of days to catch up on. Saturday was awesome. It was Kayla (my SIL) and Will's wedding. We had a blast at the rehearsal and lingerie shower on Friday. Kayla got some cute things! Saturday am we went to one of my favorite places...The White House Salon and I got to see my gal Carrie! She was a rockstar as always and hooked me up with awesome hair and makeup. Kris and McCall were there to make us all look our best as well. Kayla was a knockout!! 


The wedding was perfect. Details are what I love and they were full of them from the initials on each bridesmaids bouquet, handmade hangers by Kayla, sweet program fans with pictures of parents and grandparents on their wedding day, and the cutest photo booth! We had a blast dancing! I thought for sure if I was going to go into labor, today would be the day to help me. No such thing - it was a very relaxing one for me. I guess I was thinking about when I photograph weddings - TWO very different worlds. Congrats Kayla and Will. My ankles were ridiculous when I got home. I felt so blown up like the Nutty Professor. Thank God for Ryan and his awesome massages and Rehydrate. They were back down on Sunday.

On Sunday, the power at church went out so the 10:30 service was a no-go for us. That was ok with me. I just watched online. Check out Coach Mark Richt of the UGA Bulldogs and what he shared with Athens Church! Awesome!! 

Monday was back to work for me. I was asked to record teachers that worked hard at our county-wide assessment summit. Terri and I got them recorded and posted to our YouTube channel. I love how technology helps so much with communication. It was a good day back. We enjoyed our nightly family walk as well.
{Taking a break after our walk!}
Tuesday was my false alarm. I thought for sure something didn't feel quite right (very nauseous, lots of pressure, and sick feeling). It put me into a panic. I texted Ryan and told him I was not getting my hopes up, but maybe today would be the day. Then, I hopped in the shower in case it was. Well, from the time I texted to the time I got out of the shower I had about 7 missed calls and several texts. I had scared Ryan and he thought I was passed out somewhere. I felt horrible to make him stress out. After letting him know I was just in the shower, I laid down and took a cat nap. It wasn't a long one though because my mind started racing with all I had left to do. So, I wrote a list and had Erin drive me to Target and Publix. I stocked up on essentials for the big day and got my bags completely packed. Vann's is totally ready, mine has a couple things that I will throw in last minute, and Ryan's is a work in progress! Last night, we put together the pack and play and rolled it to the living room. The power went to a "brown-out" and eventually a "black-out" which made our evening even more interesting. As if putting together an entire playard wasn't enough adventure!

Today, it's been another nesting day. Got lots accomplished and feel even more prepared. Our dresser will arrive on Saturday for the nursery. Dad is antiquing it after he has changed it from black to a white color to match the crib. So thankful for him! I have washed all of Vann's sheets, more clothes, and organized the closet! It's almost done!
Food Cravings:  Nothing really. I am going to get some FroYo sometime tomorrow with my dear friend. I am looking forward to it.
How’s Mama? I am so anxious to meet our little man. He is just moving and grooving around...not nearly as much as last week though. I think he's a bit cramped. 

What I miss: Not running into things. I think I am the most clumsy person ever. I randomly drop things, forget words, and just feel silly. What in the world? 
What I am looking forward to: I want to see the nursery all pulled together! It's neat seeing his Pack and Play, Rock N Play, crib, etc. all set up, but I want it DONE! I wish I could do it all, but I have awesome help that will make it look incredible! Thanks Ryan, Mom, Dad, and Greg!
 {Ryan did get the shelves done last week! Now, we have to paint them. Can't wait to take a real pic of the nursery and do a post!}

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: Vann is the size of a PUMPKIN! Yes, that's right. He sure is. I held up a spaghetti squash to my tummy yesterday, and I could fit two in there to make one of my belly! CRAZY! I go to the dr. tomorrow to see if Vann is any closer to joining us.
  Fun Facts:
  • weight gain: 34 lbs and HOLDING.
  • stretch marks: none yet, but today I ran into his crib and have a scratch on my belly. Sorry Vann!
  • mood: anxious!
  • belly button: the bottom is poking out for real! It's incognito for sure! You can't even tell there is a belly button there!
  • wedding rings: yep!
Vann, we are so close to meeting face to face! Are you ready? We are! We have been praying for our drs and nurses along with a safe and healthy delivery. That's all we can ask for! You are already so blessed with all of your gifts and people that love you so much already. I know my heart is going to grow 100 times when I meet you and hold your little hands. I hope you have the sweetest little yawn. I think that's my favorite baby face! I know you will. We love you to the moon and back. Mwah! Love, Mommy and Daddy

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