Five on Friday

It's Friday, so I am linking up with some sweet ladies to share what's on our mind! 

I had a great shopping trip and lunch with my sis. Glad she was off of work and I got out of the house. I think the combo of rain+getting ready for baby+more rain was the culprit! We had fun looking at baby clothes and such! Carter's was having a great sale, so I stocked up on some larger sizes. Who knows how big our boy will be! **I had to get his first holiday onesie!**

Tonight we are headed to a cookout. I always get nervous about what to bring, but this time I am bringing two of my favorites: watermelon and banana pudding. It's not just any banana pudding either, it's Paula Deen's yummy recipe.

The nursery is nearly done, but still has some things that I am stressing over to get done. I think I am the only one worried about it! Ryan's words to me last night..."we have diapers, a place for him to sleep, and milk". It's true! I just want these shelves done for all of his books!

Tomorrow is my last fitting before Kayla (my sista-in-laws) Big Day! Ahhh! I am praying my belly doesn't get too much bigger between now and then. I loved how the dress looked about 3 weeks ago! Prayin' it looks like that again tomorrow.

I am loving these shakes! I was on a vanilla kick, but just broke into my chocolate mocha stash this morning! It's what I needed to calm my sweet tooth down! Perfect ratio of proteins to carbs to boost that metabolism and getting in lots of vitamins and minerals. Sounds like the breakfast of champions to me! YUM!

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