Date Night

Dates are important to Ryan and I. They are normally simple, but the time we spend together is so important for our relationship. Well, it had been 5 weeks since we enjoyed more than 10 minutes of alone time. I don't regret that at all because we were focusing on Vann and parenthood. However, one thing that we have promised each other is we will remember that it's OUR LOVE + God's Miracle which brought Vann into the world, and he will know that his parents love one another.

Ryan looked at me one evening and asked, "when are we going on our first date night". So, I texted my parents and asked if they were available to hang out with Vann while we went out. Of course, they were super excited and immediately said yes. We were counting the days and then that bad? I assure you, it's not because we wanted to get away from our little man, but more that we wanted to focus on our relationship and keep it strong.

Red Lobster was Ryan's pick. I wasn't too keen on it, but he'd seen an ad for it and had been craving it for awhile. I agreed.
Mom and Dad arrived on Saturday evening. I went through what I could think of to tell Mom. I mean she raised me and did a great phenomenal job, so what could I even tell her. Dad was worried I was going to cry when I left him. I think I would have if it wasn't one of our parents or family members there. They've been around him since day one and know how we are with Vann, so I wasn't concerned at all. I left pumped milk in the fridge, directions on preparing the bottle, and texted Mom some things to try if he got fussy. I hugged everyone, told Vann we loved him, and got in the car.

It was so strange not having Vann with us. The base of his rattling carseat was a constant reminder that he was at home and we were on a real date. I popped in a CD that I had made back in 2004 when we started dating. It was an outrageously hysterical reminder of those carefree days.

We waited, waited, and did I mention waited to be seated. What in the world? Ryan brought to my attention there was some sort of special on all you can eat shrimp. Good grief. People had come out of the woodwork. We were finally seated and we ordered right away. Guess what our conversation was 80% about? Bet you'd never guess Vann! Good thing we got a cute picture and video text! Dinner was yummy, but I was looking forward to froyo at Menchies. We finished up at Red Lobster and headed over to the shopping center that the yogurt shop is in. Ryan agreed to walk through TJ Maxx Homegoods to make some room in our bellies. Menchies is one of the shops that allow you to fill up your own cup and put on your own toppings instead of telling someone what you want. I picked Cake Batter and Peanut Butter Cup. YUM! There was a table on the patio/sidewalk outside, so we picked a seat and enjoyed spending more time together.

When we walked through the door Mom was holding Vann and Dad was sitting on the couch. I hugged our sweet boy and thanked Mom and Dad. They enjoyed it and got to spend some uninterrupted time with their first grand baby.

I am so thankful for my family. Ryan is an amazing father and the best husband I could ever dream of. God has blessed us for sure and I can never repay Him with all He has given us. Our first date was a success. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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