Vann is Four Weeks Old

He is nearly a month old! Thursday is the big day and wow has it gone quick. Our little boy is showing us his personality a lot more this week.

Vann's 4 Weeks Old!
September 3 - September 9

What Vann's Up To: This week we focused a bit more on play time. He is really enjoying his Baby Einstein play mat. At first all he would do was look in the mirror, but he has taken an interest with the hanging toys. I will lay him in his crib on his back when we are swaddling him and let him lay there awhile. He kicks his legs all around like a little frog. Vann loves his toy that has a jingling sound, crinkly-wrapper sound, and has different textures. Since Thursday we've concluded that we have a different child. He is so much more alert and has smiled a lot more. We know the smile is not made on purpose, but goodness it blesses our hearts!

Mama and Vann took a couple of independent trips this week. We definitely used the Baby Bjorn carrier this time. The carrier worked out awesome, and he slept when we went into Target this time! On Saturday, Dossinator was in charge. I pumped a bottle and ran some errands with my mama. I would text to check in and Ryan would respond, "it's all good, quit worrying".  He even sent me a picture to prove it. Not that I was worried about my boys at all, but it was great to know that they were bonding even more. It felt awesome and a bit freeing to get out of the house, but I also left a lot of my heart at home.
We went to take the rest of our pictures with Brittany at Nine Sixteen Photography. We squeezed some family ones in, but just like before... Vann was not having it. I really believe his tummy was just full and hurting him. One of my awesome purchases the next day was Gripe Water! Miracle stuff! I love that it's made of Ginger and Fennel and it doesn't take much to solve the hiccups and bubbles! We have used it sparingly and are so pleased.

Vann went to Callie's baby shower with Mom and me. He did so well and got to meet all of the sweet ladies at the shower! Callie got some great things including lots of UGA onesies and gear. Brody, we are so ready to meet you!

{Miss Callie and Vann, Noel and Porter}

                                                            {Vann and Miss Shayla}

{Vann, Shiloh, and Porter}

{Miriam, Shiloh, Abbi, Porter, Me, and sleepy Vann}
{Callie is glowing and so precious in that dress!}

{Gran with Vann: This is one of my favorite pictures!}

Health: Vann is growing and getting sweet chubby rolls on his arms and legs. His face is filling out. We have heard a couple of coos. Be still my heart. That is the sweetest sound. He is making his way into his first Wonder Week and starting to look all around. I have seen him watching the fan from the reflection in the mirror above his changing table. It's so neat to be able to watch him change and grow. Every day brings something new.

Nursing: I love it. It's going so much better than the first week home! I started nursing him in the reclining position when he wakes for his nightly feeding. He has been waking once during the night anywhere from 2 - 4:30 (wide range I know), and this position has been awesome! He is still nursing every three hours.
Baby Stuff We LOVE: Bathtub, Pampers diapers (they seem to be a bit more absorbent than the Huggies), Swaddles (tried the Breathable Baby for the first time this week and LOVE it), Avent Soothie pacis, Rock N Play Sleeper, Boppy, and Gripe Water.
{Obviously that is NOT Vann, but that's the Breathable Baby Swaddle!}

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