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I am linking up with sweet Kelly today on her Advice for Moms post. As a new mother I only have 12 weeks experience being the mom to the cutest little boy, but my advice may help even the most seasoned mama.

This is not only true for new mamas but just women in general. We are made to be unique and that means our parenting style is going to be different than other mamas. It doesn't mean what we do is right or wrong, we use whatever works for our little one. The world is hard enough without us having to look at others and think "they have it all together", "why does my baby cry and theirs doesn't make a peep", "how come mine doesn't sleep through the night"...and doubt ourselves as moms. It's not worth it. We are all good at something and have talents that are special to us. Guess What? Your child thinks you are SUPER MOM! They know NO different!

Of course you are going to be bombarded with new advice everywhere you go and even where you least expect it. Just this weekend my mom, sis, aunt, Vann, and I were at the Country Living Festival. Vann was bundled in two blankets, had a footie sleep and play outfit on, a sweatshirt on, and a hat. This lady on a scooter rolls up and tells me I need to put mittens on his hands...UM REALLY. It takes all I have to look back at her with a smile and kindly say that he is fine and his hands are tucked in the blanket. Another one asked his age and I told her 2.5 months. She said she wouldn't have him out in public because he'd get sick. I replied that nursing along with his vaccines are an amazing thing and he's probably more protected than we were at the moment. My point...I am his mama. I carried him and know him better than any other person on this planet. When I hold him he knows he is safe and loved. People are going to continue giving me advice their opinion for years and years to come. I am not going to know it all and will ask my mom and friends who have been through that season of life and take the others with a grain (a large grain) of salt.
Just when I get our schedule down it seems like something changes...well IT DOES! Vann's growing and changing by the second! Danielle told me about Wonder Weeks and it's RIGHT ON! Yesterday was day 1 of his third big change. He started showing signs a couple of days ago...change in his appetite, more clingy, etc. I remembered to go check the app and sure enough another Wonder Week. It's backed up by research and helps me as a mom have even more patience! Download's FREE! There's even an awesome book that you can get on your phone, Kindle, and in print.  
I hope you will head over to Kelly's Korner and read the other ladies posts. I learn so much through blogs and it's so neat to reach out to these other women and allow them to answer your questions.


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