Vann is 14 weeks!

I'm 14 weeks. 

I smile big and do a little tiny laugh.

 If my paci falls out and it's close by, I can push it back in.

I suck down bottles if they are warm enough to my liking! Thanks Miss Kimberly for introducing Mom to a bottle warmer. I still prefer to be nursed. 

 I love to blow bubbles with my mouth. 

I am pulling myself up and about 45° away from sitting all the way up to 90° position. 
I like to play with bright colored objects. I really like the spiky ball from Carter's.

I am beginning to get a little bit better with tummy time. That used to really annoying. 

We took our family photos and I did excellent… Thank God they were only 20 minutes! 
 {Michele is awesome! Here's a sneak peek!}

I love car rides and probably fall asleep within five minutes down the road.
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