6 months

Six months! Six months! Are you kidding me? My baby boy is half a year old!

He is the light of our life!

Vann sleeps through the night and wakes us up with a smile. He makes the morning HAPPY and worth rising for!

He's in size 6 month clothes, but will be heading to 9 months within a couple of weeks.

He weighed in at 15 lbs 6 oz and measured 26 and 1/4 inch at his 6 month appointment. Vann's not a hefty baby, but he's growing and eating lots of food. He's a very active baby and I know he's getting plenty of good nutrition. He is nursing and enjoying fruits, greens, and veggies. Earth's Best pureed baby food is our choice of food. He's tried: bananas, apples, apricots, mangoes, green beans, green peas with brown rice, spinach, avocado, sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash. I am pretty sure he likes bananas, apples, green peas with brown rice the best! Vann loves to eat and launches forward at the spoon. The food is gobbled right up. I have started nursing Vann and then letting him eat to make sure he gets all of the good stuff from me and then allowing him to eat his food.

He is sitting up, saying "hey" and babbling, laughing hysterically when you tickle his neck, and loving his jumper. I love how he sits with his hands clasped when he's observing something. He has a smile that makes everyone else have the biggest grin. It's contagious.

Vann got his first ear ache this month as well. Ryan was amazing and took him to the doctor, got his medicine, and took care of him until I got home. It's things like that that make me love him even more.

It snowed again this month as well. I set Vann outside in a tiny rocking chair that Nancy gave him and snapped pictures.

Lyla and Vann have become best friends. She loves to lay down right next to him. Vann will reach out and pat, more like hit, her on the head and she just takes it. If he cries and I am not right by Vann's side, Lyla rushes over.

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