Vann is 7 months!

On March 12th, Vann turned 7 months. Time moves so fast!


He is a ham, full of energy, and loves to smile! He is so quiet and then right before he goes to sleep or wakes up he babbles! He has to tell us all about what he is thinking. One word we continue to hear is "hey" and it definitely sounds like "mama" and "daddy" sometimes! I can't wait until he says something on purpose!  **News flash - when I typed this last weekend, we thought Vann was saying "hey"...Well, he does! On Thursday, at a mixer, he looked at Brad Kirk and said "hey" and waved to him. I have witnesses and then he continued saying it and waving! Tears flooded my eyes. He is starting to say "Dada" as well. I heard it on Tuesday (March 25th) when we got home in the afternoon.
We have a crawler on our hands. He started maneuvering (other than rolling) to get where he wants to be. He pops up on all 4s, sits back on his heels, and pushes forward. Then he repeats the process. He's also pulling up on things like his crib. Erin caught him on camera when I was gone to the grocery. He was supposed to be napping and instead he was climbing. That night the crib was lowered! As of Sunday, March 16th, Vann is an official crawler. No more army's full on perfect form crawling!
Vann is an excellent sleeper. He normally sleeps 9:15pm - 6 am! I love picking him up out of bed and seeing the sweet smile that lights up our morning!

He is able to go from laying on his back, rolling on his tummy, pushing up to a seated position, and crawling around. It's the coolest thing to watch him do. What a big boy. He loves peek-a-boo. We say, "where's Vann" and he uncovers his face with the bib and has the biggest grin!

He is eating lots of yummy healthy foods. He loves them all! Earth's Best is still our food of choice. He grabs the bib as soon as I pull a new one out of the drawer and gets so excited waving it around his head! We sat outside and ate last night because the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  We are still nursing! I just got a bottle of lactation supplements to keep on going. Sometimes I go too long at work without pumping and I can definitely tell.
                                                {waiting to eat outside while daddy does yard work}
Daddy is in full swing with tax season, but he loves to make it home in time to give little man his bath. It's one of Vann's favorite times! Smiles galore and splashing to his heart's content.

I can tell he's grown a bit because his 6 month footie pjs are being traded in for 9 month ones.

We have teeth! Two bottom teeth are halfway in and we can see little buds for his top two. He has one of his eye teeth on top cutting as well.

He's enjoying going to Miss Eva's because he gets big smiles from all of his friends. Easton is crawling too, so they are keeping Miss Eva busy for sure.

Vann had his first real medicine two weeks ago. He got an ear infection. Thankfully, he is all better!
Uncle Greggy got in a wreck this month and scared us all. We are thankful he is here to be an uncle, brother, and friend!

I am counting down the days to April 15th and the end of this school year! It's going to be a blast this summer and spending each day of sunshine with my boys!

Vann loves his puppy that sleeps with him. He loves to jump, crawl, sit up, and play with his talking dog that Julie and Kenlie gave him.  Another favorite is his Farm Activity Center! I think we know all of the words to every toy by heart! "Welcome to our learning farm, we have lots to show you, shapes and colors music too, there's so much to do!"
I am loving motherhood and all of the smiles that it brings. Every morning on the way to work I pray aloud and Vann can hear that we are so thankful for him. These 7 months have gone faster than I could imagine, and I am afraid the next 7 will go by just as quick. I am making a goal to blog a bit more, so I don't forget the little things!

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