8 Months Old

On April 12th, Vann turned 8 months old! He is growing and changing so very fast.

His hair is changing and lightening. It's showing a bit more wave and curls.

He is eating so well. I began making our own baby food since he's been eating more and more. I just take food we are eating and puree it. This really helps cut down on some cost, but I also know exactly what is in his food. He's loving some of the fun recipes I found on Pinterest.

Vann is a crawling machine. He sits up on his knees. He's pushing his walker around and around the floor.

Vann is still visiting Miss Eva during the week while Mommy is at work. He loves spending time with his friends.

Easton has been coming over with Gabby and we are enjoying walks. Krista has moved in as well and joined us a couple of times.

Easter was so much fun with Vann. He thought it was neat that he got a few things in his basket. He got a truck, barking dog ball that rolls around, and some Puffs.

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