10 Months

Vann turns 10 months today!

Nutrition: He is busy exploring new foods! Some that he has been eating are: strawberries, sweet potatoes, green beans, sometimes broccoli, yellow squash, zucchini, chicken, cinnamon-raisin Ezekial bread with greek yogurt, bananas, cheerios, blueberries, grapes, pears, peaches, peas, rice, carrots, apples with cinnamon, and probably some others I am forgetting. Vann continues nursing and I am so happy he is. The more I learn about breastmilk, the cooler it is. God is so amazing allowing a mother's body to do all that it does. Simply INCREDIBLE!

Milestones: Vann is standing and, as of Thursday 6/26, taking a few steps! He's still a little unsure, but we are going to have a walker soon. **Update** On Sunday, 6/29, Vann decided it was time to show us his skills and he walked across the floor for the XBox controller. He loves to clap and woke up on Wednesday morning (6/25) showing us his new skills. He points at everything and we tell him what it is. Connie gave us her "My Baby Can Read" and we play that each day. He loves to watch the animals and tries to say some of the words. I think his next word may be "dog". He is trying! He loves to feed himself and picks up his food. The other night he didn't care for his broccoli and the majority of it landed on the floor.

Playtime: Vann is still really enjoying cars and trucks and pushing them around. He loves walking with his "learning farm". Balls are so much fun to him. We have a big bouncy ball and that is the most popular toy. He is beginning to enjoy matching shapes up with the correct spot on his Fisher-Price bucket. We love wagon rides on our nightly walk. He really loves being outside in his little blow-up pool or just picking blades of grass and dropping it in the wagon. That's the cutest thing.

Mommy and Daddy: We have gotten to go on several dates which is an awesome blessing. Our families love spending time with Vann and seeing how fast he is growing and changing. Spending time with friends on our some of our date nights has been a blast. Ryan is seriously the best daddy. I think I tell him so much he doesn't believe me. He comes home, loves on Vann, and the smiles on both of their faces are just too much to take.

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