Happy 1st Birthday, Vann!

Well, it's hard to face reality and say that our sweet little baby is an entire year old. He's been with us for over 365 days and we have LOVED every single minute. We have never smiled more, and I smile A LOT so that's a bold claim! I am not going to lie, it's been a learning curve, but every second has been a gift and I wouldn't change a thing!

We had a fun party with our family and Vann's friends that are around the same age! I love watching them grow up together.

I had the hardest time picking a theme and because Vann couldn't tell me what he'd like...we picked. I love themed parties and really enjoy planning them. It's the "pulling it together" part that's hard for me. I found some cute "County Fair" parties and made a spinoff of that idea. It ended up being like a Patriotic BBQ!

I am so thankful for Mom's listening ear, creative ideas, and showing me the ropes of throwing a birthday party. I mean she would know how to do it! Mom planned our birthdays before Pinterest and they were so detailed, custom, and memories that will last forever. There were no McDonald's or Chuck E. Cheese birthdays for us. No, it was fall festivals, costume parties, sports themed parties, Barbie, and none were purchased at the store. She's good y'all...I have lots to live up to!

We also love that both of our parents helped us with tables, chairs, and other props...Daddy's fan came in handy on the hot August day. Dad smoked extra meat for the party in case we ran out. Mom made Vann's cake and plenty of pecan & chocolate tassies. We served the beautiful cake up with Mayfield vanilla ice cream complete with the wooden spoons. I loved that the cake was simple, topped with fruit, and completed the look of the party. Vann enjoyed his handfuls!

To decorate, I kept it simple, but Ryan may think otherwise. Bales of hay, picnic tablecloths, burlap banners, quilts, red toy trucks, flowers in colorful vases! One of my very favorite details was the red highchair. We My friend, Brittany, found it at a thrift store for $8! Ryan took two cans of red spray paint to it and it turned out just perfect. I made a few banners to add to the chair and one for the backdrop of the food table. Mom made his hat and Vann actually kept it on his head!

Erin had a great window we used to display his monthly pictures. Mom had a vintage chalkboard where we shared the birthday boy's stats. Each month season I update a chalkboard that is displayed in our house with a verse or motivational quote. I have gotten really great at copying them, so I decided to look at Etsy for some inspiration and make the board myself. I think it worked out perfectly! Every kiddo received a small mason jar filled with animal crackers with a "thank you for coming" tag on it.

Ryan made his amazing bbq. I am not saying it just because he is my husband, but it's hands-down the best! Take it from me...he needs to enter it into the next BBQ Pitmaster contest. We also had the classic Sunbeam white bread, veggies, fruits, original potato chips, and bottled water and glass-bottled sodas to drink.


 {Easton and Vann}

 {Vann and Lolli}
 {Aunt Lexi and Ava}
 {Uncle Adam and Anna Beth}
 {Mimi, Adam, and Richard}
 {James and Vann}

 {Crazy Pop}
 {Vann's sweet great grandparents}

 {James, Mommy, and Vann}

 {Ava, Aunt Lex, and Erin}
 {Danielle and Jase}
Danielle blogged about Vann's birthday here! Thanks for capturing the sweet moments seester!
 {Gabby, Aiden, and Vann}
Thanks A for grabbing the birthday boy as he tried to escape from opening his presents!
{Ava and Bryce}

We loved seeing so many sweet friends and family! Vann has presents coming out of his ears! Several gifts were put on his closet shelf and will be pulled down soon!

Vann loves reading books, can say several words; mama, dada, baba, dog, lyla, no, yeah, hey, thank you, done, byebye, he is walking (nearly running) everywhere, waving, clapping, drinking whole milk, enjoys playing outside, and so much more. He makes our world such a happy place! I love how others light up around him. He is such a people person! God definitely blessed us with Vann! Love you sweet boy and happy birthday son!

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