Christmas + Burlap

Today Ryan told me that the person who invented burlap must be rich because of the women in my family! It's true, the ladies LOVE burlap just like every other crafty Pinterest pinner, and each year our house sees a little bit more around the holidays year-round. 

This year my sister-in-love made burlap garland and I was so excited when mine arrived yesterday. It was perfect, fun, and looks gorgeous on the mantel. So, not much was accomplished in the way of decorating, but I sure do love what it looks like so far. It's still up in the air if our tree will have ornaments this year. We aren't entirely sure that we want to fight the battle with a little boy feeling tempted to play with the "shiny ball ornament" all day. I am really ok with adding a topper/bow/something at the top, putting presents underneath, and calling it done. We shall see. Any mommy advice out there? 

 Don't you love the garland? If you'd like some, send Alexis an email and she can ship some to you or if you are local we can meet up. I wrapped mine with my garland from past Christmas decor and topped it with lights! I love how full it looks. 

The tree has a new fashion piece as well. Not only is it burlap, but it's also monogrammed. How southern can a Christmas be? I love it! 

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