15 Months

Vann has been in our life for 15 months. It's overwhelming when I think about how much he adds to our family.

You are running around and into everything. You make us smile over the most simple things.

At your 15 month appointment, everything checked out great. You've always been in the bottom 5% for weight, you're around 50% for height, and a little bit more for your head measurement. It really bothered me about the weight being lower, but at the same time I am confident that we are making awesome food choices, eating several times a day, drinking plenty of water and organic whole milk. I know you are just using it up as energy. You're a ball of energy and only stop when you are asleep...that's it. You will rarely be seen sitting down for more than 5 minutes unless you are playing with blocks or reading a book, and even then you're still busy. So if they must compare you to every other child in the US (apples to oranges if you ask me), let them do so. In my eyes, you are perfect!

You've been on whole foods since around 10 months and done wonderfully. Some favorites are sweet potato cubes baked with olive oil, pinch of salt and pepper. Another is Van's Whole Grain Waffle (don't you love the name...seriously an awesome brand) with natural peanut butter and a banana. You won't turn down an Earth's Best Strawberry Snack Bar and they have saved us many times in the grocery store when you may be lacking patience if I take a bit longer. Fruit, especially watermelon and strawberries, is another favorite. A Thanksgiving fave was greenbean casserole and Nannie's sourdough rolls. Someone loves bread like your daddy.

Our routine is SOLID and I love it. I know some may think I am a schedule nazi, which is not the is not always the case, but I know you need rest. You're a great sleeper: 8 pm - 7 am, nap at 9:30 am, and again around 2. The naps last about 1.5 - 2 hours each time. Your blanket is a must for naptime and you play with the tag to put yourself to sleep in the crib.  Around 12 months you started wanting a pacifier before naps. I didn't have the heart to say no because you like to chew on it and relieve teething pain. It helped tremendously.

You love the outdoors and will point outside and say "out" if you want to go play. You know you need socks and shoes on and will sit and wait for them before we can go.You love stacking blocks, playing with trucks along with sound effects, and reading books. You bring them to me and sit in my lap. You really love watching "My Baby Can Read" dvds and are doing very well with the flash cards. My favorite one that you act out is SMILING. You show all of your 12-14 teeth that have popped/popping through!

Some words Vann can say:
*thank you
*tee (tree)
*juice (ju-ss)
*ocks (socks)
*no no
*nigh-nigh (night-night)
*iwuvyou (i love you) is a new one, but you repeat it!
*pitty pees (pretty please)

Vann can point to, act out, or knows:
ears, eyes, bellybutton, head, hair, mouth (he will say ahhh), nose, chin, toes, feet, hands, fingers, sit, diaper, shirt, shoes, arms up, yes, no, turn on the tv, get a book to read, teeth, brush, hug, kiss, smiling, and more.

We enjoyed Vann's 2nd beach trip in October. It was gorgeous weather. We really liked Okaloosa Island when we won a trip there in May, so we chose to go back. You did such a great job on the way down, not so much on the ride back. The next morning we found out it was some molars beginning to peek through. I am sorry for not realizing that teething wasn't bad the first couple of rounds, but the more teeth you get it gets worse. You will be grumpy, clingy, and definitely do not keep a good schedule. There were a few days in a row without an afternoon nap. That was NOT fun for either of us. We use an Oral B brush that fits on my pointer finger with some fluoride free toothpaste every evening. You love brushing your teeth! 

You are an excellent helper. Every time we finish changing a diaper, you put it in the trash along with other things I ask you to throw away. You surprised me when you did it on your own. Putting blocks away is another chore you have fun with. I am thankful for these sweet reminders that what we do daily matters!

I love to hear you laugh. I am sorry I tickle you so much, but it is so cute when you get so cracked up. The other night you started to show your muscles and began clapping then freezing...I did it and you got so cracked up. It was a pure form of happiness. Daddy began recording it and shared it with your grandparents.

You moved up to the toddlers class in WaumbaLand at church. You get upset when I drop you off, but your teachers assure us that you have fun and settle down quickly. I love when you come out with a coloring sheet or the day they sent you home with a bag of brown little puffy balls when you learned about David and Goliath. I'd love to be a fly on the wall and see how many times you tried to eat one!

You spent the night at Mimi and Papa's a couple times in the past few months when Mommy and Daddy headed out of town. They kept us up to date with plenty of pictures. You love playing with Ava and Aunt Alexis! Aunt E, Lolli, Grandpa, and Hannah all keep you very entertained if Mom needs to run out somewhere! We are very lucky to have so many great family members that LOVE you so much!

In October your Papa (my grandpa) fell and hit his head. It was a hard time for him and he just wasn't able to get well. He was 88 and we went over to the house the morning he passed away. As the men from the funeral home came to pick him up, you watched along with all of us as they covered him in a flag before he left. He was a WW2 veteran and loved our country so much. Nannie was strong and we stood next to her. As he was leaving, you waved your hand and softly said "bye bye" causing everyone to cry harder. You are a bright light, Vann man! He loved you soooo much. He lit up when you were in the room and loved watching you show your newly learned skills. We are thankful for you, and I know your Papa was, too. We love you little boy. 

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