I will just stay here Mommy!

We went to meet the Easter Bunny and make Vanns firsts Build-A-Bear. I just knew we'd be coming home with a stuffed bunny rabbit and a picture of Vann crying in the bunny's lap.

I need to let all of my expectations go on days like these. Why? Because nothing I expected really happened. We walked into Build A Bear: I pointed out the rabbit and he saw the dog. I picked it up, made sure that's what he spotted, and yes he picked the dog. Tried one more time pointing out the bunny...nope dog! Forget the Easter Bunny theme and get the dog is what his eyes told me!

Next, we gave it a heart...and he lost it. There went the tears. All he wanted to do was find a flat screen that he could touch and since the store is full of them it wasn't hard. By a divine miracle we got the dog stuffed, fluffed, bathed, and named him Uga, all while a 19 mo boy who shall remain nameless was telling me how he really felt. He was hungry apparently, I gave him a snack bar and he was at peace. As he sat in the stroller enjoying his snack, I took a deep breath and looked at his sweet little hands petting his new best friend. All was right in the world. 

We walked to the other end of the mall and there he was, the famous Easter Bunny. We saw the bunny, waved at the bunny, and then walked on the set to take the photo...nope. "Mommy" pleaded my little boy standing in front of me, hands reaching for me, and looking up with fearful blue eyes. I picked him up and he began clinging to me. So tight in fact that I could let go of him and he didn't move an inch. Ava was doing the very same thing. Pictures didn't happen, at least not pictures with the bunny. I'm ok with that because $23 for two 5x7s was still in my pocket and we have one of my favorite memories to date!

We enjoyed a yummy lunch with family and friends and made it home for naptime! Did your little one like the Easter Bunny this year?

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