11 Months

I have been absolutely horrible about blogging and there's so much I want to share. Vann is growing like a weed and we are loving it. I loved when he was a baby, but man it's just a whole new world right now. He has his own personality. Seeing him learn each day is incredible.

Right now, Vann is eating lots of food and we are working on weaning. We began with whole milk simply because we'd still be nursing up to a year, so he would be getting good vitamins and nutrition from me and food along with the whole milk. Well, then Vann seemed to not feel well, so I thought it was the milk (we later found out it was a tummy bug...more on that later). We ended up going to Similac Go & Grow. Dang...formula stinks. Like...literally smells. However, I love that it has all of the nutrition jam packed in it. The more and more I read, the more pleased I am with our decision to nurse Vann. I have learned so much about how our bodies work together for this awesome process. I totally can't lie though, I am super happy to start using all of my wonderful AdvoCare products again! V is enjoying all of the yummy snacks. This week we introduced cheese quesadillas. I just sprinkle a bit of cheddar cheese on a whole wheat wrap and melt the cheese. He likes it a lot! The past few days, dancing in the highchair has become a regular occurrence. He takes a bite and does a wiggle dance. Sometimes he even adds in a fist pump.

Vann is a busy boy. He points at EVERYTHING and says "duy or dat" and we tell him exactly what he is pointing at. It's fun until he swings his arm everywhere and points at 50 things at once. Last night when I laid him down in bed, he was still pointing. We are gradually moving out of the "put everything and anything in your mouth" phase. It was to the point he would pick up something (a bug in the yard, leaves, dog food, etc.) and we would say "NO" and into his mouth it'd go! Glad it's not that intense anymore. He is also becoming more stable on his feet. He took steps about two weeks ago and the progress he's made is incredible. He looks at us to see if we are watching and then takes a few steps and smile. Rolling the ball and pushing the walker around are still Vann's favorite pastimes.

Daddy and Vann caught a nasty tummy bug this weekend. Man, I am not sure how I avoided it, but I sure am glad I did. I was able to help take care of them. Where Ryan's was a 24 hour bug, Vann's lasted 4 days. The triage nurse said it's normal for babies to have it a bit longer. We continued nursing and stopped the weaning process for a bit. The BRAT (Bread, Rice Cereal, Applesauce, and Toast) diet came in handy for Vann because he still wanted to eat. He also got Pedialyte on day 3 to replenish any electrolytes he had lost. Thankfully, he felt like his regular self on Sunday and Ryan had kicked it in 24 hours. Stomach bugs are AWFUL...it got passed around to 4 more family members. Goodness!

Nightly walks are a highlight of our day. Daddy gets home, we have dinner as a family, and then go on a walk. I don't know if Vann or Lyla is more excited. It's hilarious when he leans back in the wagon and just chills. It makes our heart happy!

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