16 & 17 Months

I can't believe our little boy is almost a year and a half!

You love to play outside and push your "lawmore" aka lawn mower. It's been cold this past week, but you insist on bundling up and enjoying a little time outside even if it's to let Lyla walk around outside.

When Daddy gets home from work you are ecstatic. You hear the garage and run to the door! It's a contest to see if you or Lyla can hug him first!

You're calling every family member by name! It's the sweetest thing when you say "Ah-ba" aka Ava. You love your sweet cousin so much.

You have officially dropped your second nap, so we have a new schedule. You typically wake up around 7:45 and take a nap around 11:30/12 until 2/sometimes 2:30. Then you are up for the day until "bash" time around 7 and "nigh-night" at 7:30. If you need some downtime you enjoy reading in your crib.

You haven't had a haircut since the fall and boy can I tell! You have a head full of beautiful hair. Your hair has a mind of it's own, only Daddy can comb your hair the right way, and everyone gives you compliments on it!

Cohen and Tuck came over around New Years Day and you had fun showing them around your house, but you also showed them how climb up the outside of your crib. I nearly passed out...earlier that week you began climbing when Pop (Grandpa Dan) was painting the house. You made it to the 2nd or 3rd rung and we thought you'd stop. Well, turns out you went to the very top! Daddy followed you all the way up. You really weren't scared a bit and just wanted to see what Pop was doing.

You repeat any word that we ask! You shocked us by saying "genius", "ambulance", and the other day you even said "watermelon"! It sounded like wawerminion, but it's precious!!

You love "color" and getting Mommy to get the crayons out, but for some reason after you use a few of the crayons to color you lose interest. You want to hold every single crayon at once!

Play-Doh is another favorite. You like to use the little stamps and press them to make numbers and shapes in the clay.

Reading is still one of your all-time favorite activities! You love any book we read and are working hard to repeat the words, point out the animals, characters, or objects on the page in the books. It's one of the only times you will just sit with us and relax! You are on the go and observing everything!

Yesterday we went to Storytime at the library for the first time. It's finally worked out with your nap schedule. It's safe to say you loved it. You listened to the book, held the penguin that was there to share the book with us, completed a craft, and played with new friends. Mommy loved it too!

Your teeth are GORGEOUS and almost all in! You love to brush them and really love using your "elmo" toothpaste. He's your favorite character right now and your daddy can do the perfect imitation of his laugh.

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