Stitch Fix Numero Uno!

Today was an all around great day and the icing on the cake was my first Stitch Fix shipment arrived! I know I am behind the times to just begin getting this amazing little surprise in the mail BUT it was worth the wait! I mean, how cool is it to have someone else pick out your clothes and quite possibly nail it the first time!

My stylist is Heather and I want to give her a big hug! WHY? She literally made my day and I feel like she really knows me! Heather, do you read my blog?

I opened the box and saw BLUE! If I had a signature color it would be pink, black, or vibrant blue! All 5 of my pieces were some shade of blue! I also received a card that showed me how to style each piece and dress it up or make it casual!

So, while I am not keeping every piece {even though I'd get an awesome discount} I did take a picture of each of them and tried them on twice. I feel like taking the photos really helped make it clear which one I was keeping. Keep in mind this was right after working out and a hot shower, so the hair is a bit wild and big!

41Hawthorn Queensland Dolman Jersey Top
While I LOVE this turquoise color I'm not a huge fan of these shirts and the fitted waist but loose elsewhere. BUT they say try on everything in the box and you may surprise yourself! I certainly did and this shirt felt comfortable and definitely made me think about keeping it, but I live in GA and it was 94* today at noon...I can't buy things with 3/4 length sleeves right now!
Verdict: RETURN

Mavi Angie Skinny Jean
There is so much to love about these jeans: soft, distressed, and fit like a glove! I really do love them, but I would NEVER wear them or buy jeans in the summer...again it's TOO hot! I am hoping for another pair as the weather cools off around Fall!
Verdict: RETURN

Market & Spruce Nolen Printed Detail Henley Tank
My first thought was LOVE and then I put it on. Here's a transparent moment: Having a baby for me meant wearing maternity clothes. Yes, my son is 22 months old and my mind STILL feels weird about wearing shirts that are not longer. Is that crazy? So, when I saw the shirt was "shorter" than what I typically wear I got nervous. Here's where my awesome husband comes in: IT'S HIS FAVORITE! I wanted to keep it so bad, so I hung it up and planned to wear it on Saturday. I tried it on with 3 different pair of pants and just didn't LOVE it! I do like Stitch Fix for this reason, I would never have the opportunity to try on the same shirt so many times and easily send it back after a few days the way Stitch Fix makes it soooo convenient! If only this shirt didn't go up so high on the sides it would be in my closet!
Verdict: RETURN

 Loveappella Carlita Multi Chevron Print Maxi Dress
I pulled this dress out and thought "yeah right, this 5' 2.5" girl is not going to be able to pull off a maxi dress", but the length was literally perfect, the fit was spot on, and it would be hanging in my closet IF the pattern was lined up. I was going to keep it and then I snapped the NO! Can anyone else see the optical illusion and what about the back?!? I never would have picked up this style of dress, but now I will! It was beyond comfortable, great coverage, and really was flattering...but the pattern of the material threw it all off. DARN!
Verdict: RETURN

Papermoon Alexus Dress
This is MY dress! It was made for me! The subtle detail of the material, the cool zipper on the back, the way it goes with my Noonday necklace, and the cut of the dress...PERFECTION! The color is a bit more bold, but the tan color on the wall washes everything out a tad.
Verdict: KEEP

What do you think? Do you love the picks, hate them, or want them in your next fix! Try it out and let me know! Now, I am off to schedule my next one!

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