Stitch Fix #2

In case you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, let me fill you in. Stitch Fix is a personal styling service (you pick how often) that sends you clothes and accessories based on a style profile that you complete. You can keep the pieces you love and send back what you don’t. There is a $20 styling fee but if you keep any of the items the $20 fee is applied to the purchase price of the item(s) you keep. If you keep all 5 of the items you receive a 25% discount on EVERYTHING. Basically it is like playing dress up as an adult…..and it is both fun and addicting! To sign up to get a fix of your own, click here!
On Thursday my anticipated Stitch Fix package arrived. Vann didn't want to nap (this is beginning to be a pattern...1 nap in 5 days), so while he was having "quiet time" in his crib I checked out the pieces the stylist picked out. 

First one I tried on was the Janie Pleated Skirt. I. Do. Not. Do. Pleats. I am making this known on my style profile. I like tailored skirts more than large poofy ones. It's not a good look for me and all of my 5'2"! Seersucker has never been a favorite of mine either, so this piece is going right back! And after seeing the photo I KNOW I made the right call.
Verdict: Return

Next we have the McAdams Beaded Neckline Blouse. The material, fresh white with a pop of color, and the style was me. Ryan even commented that this was on of his favorites, but also said "I feel like you have a shirt like this" and he's probably right. It's very me. It's a great top to layer. I feel like it screams date night in downtown Athens...and I like that idea!
Verdict: Keep!

The Rana Floral Dress is another piece that I am not in love with. I did really like the fit. I could see me keeping it in a solid fabric. It really reminds me of the Babysitters Club or even channeling a bit of the floral print Kelly used to wear on Saved By The Bell. While I loved those shows...I am not wild about these flowers!
Verdict: Return

On the note I left my stylist, I shared that I would be at a business conference this month and would love some lightweight pieces but appropriate to be professional. I wasn't completely sure one way or the other about this one, I can't find a necklace that goes well, what shoes would I wear, the neckline is plunging. It reminds me of a maternity dress I had...maybe that's a sign to send it back?
Verdict: ??? HELP! Keep or Return?

I wanted to like the Zola Assymetrical Dress soooo bad. I had actually pinned the purple version to my board. BUT the pattern is identical to a dress I already have in my closet AND the fit is killer tight! I loved the front, but the back is a whole different story. I will spare you the photos! Stripes and super stretch don't make me feel extremely comfortable, so it's headed back to Stitch Fix headquarters.
Verdict: Return

While I wasn't thrilled with all 5 pieces it was still fun, it let me shop for myself which I haven't done in a while, and it all happened from the comfort of my own home. Another great thing about having another fix would be the feedback I can give my stylist so that each box only gets better!

What do you think? Is there something you would have kept? Have you tried it yet? Try it now!

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