Vann Turns 2!

I say it way too much, but the truth is that time is going by quicker than we ever imagined. Ryan and I have watched our sweet baby grow into a 2 year old right before our eyes. We celebrated his second birthday with sweet friends and family who are all there to support and love on Vann!

After going through many "themes" for his party, we asked Vann what he wanted. He would answer the same each time, "cake and ice cream". Simple enough. But this mama needed a theme to start planning. We'd throw out different options and his consistent answer was "cool cars", so I got busy.

I have never been much for the traditional go to the party store, pay an arm and a leg for decor that's pre-printed with the characters, and then throw it up and expect it to look different. I get this from my mom. I think I have shared before that we had some amazing birthday celebrations that my mom concocted like a costume party, carnival with different booths, barbie party (where she made the cake like a Barbie before Cake Boss was even heard of), etc. They weren't canned parties, she created them, and I loved them. This is a huge reason why I have done what I planned for Vann's parties so far.

I got to work looking around for ideas of Disney Cars without doing Disney Cars if that makes sense? I came across a photographer's blog that created a birthday party just like what I was dreaming about. I found her email, contacted her, and she so graciously shared the decor with me!

The Saturday of the party was a gorgeous, sunshiney, and HOT day! The kiddos loved it and the adults had fun talking with each other. We loved seeing Vann so happy on his day and spending time with all of his friends!

{Sometimes it's good to take a break..."It's my party, I can cry if I want to!"}

Happy 2nd birthday sweet Vann! You are so loved and you love us back so well! 

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