Vann's Day at the Georgia Aquarium.

It was a very rainy Sunday and Vann had a little congestion. He didn't feel awful, but I was afraid to bring him to Sunday School and people think "why did they bring their sick kid to church", so we decided to take a family field trip to the aquarium. Ryan and I went when it first opened. We were hoping it wouldn't be too terribly crowded like it was on our first visit.

We had so much fun. To see the world through V's eyes is so magical. He was so curious and wanted to see everything.

{Daddy and V checking out the fish that live in the Ocean.}

{My favorite picture of my boys!}

{Who was more excited about seeing the penguins?}

{Taking a nap on the way home!}

We really enjoyed going as a family. Thankfully it wasn't too crowded and we could get close to see the fish. We tried to watch the dolphin show, but trying to sit with a 2 year old and wait 25 minutes before it begins was it a bit much. He also just really wanted to see the dolphins...not the guy who was singing trying to be like a Disney character. Anytime the dolphins would swim, jump, flip, and splash Vann loved it. The trainers would get in the pool with them and ride with the dolphins and Vann would look at us and say, "I do it some!" So, we will have to take him swimming with the dolphins one day! 

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