27 Weeks

How far along? 27 weeks

Baby: Sweet Maggie is as big as a rutabaga (around 14 inches and 1.5 - 2.5 lbs). She is continuing to grow and her brain is developing even more now. She most likely can recognize her mommy and daddy's voice, and surely she knows her brother's voice as well! 

Total weight gain: I haven't weighed, but I will head to the dr next week for the glucose test and see how much I have gained then. 

Maternity clothes? Yes and Ryan's t-shirts! 

Stretch marks? Not right now. The way my belly is growing this time, it may happen soon. I am keeping a lot of moisturizer on it which seems to help during this cold weather. 

Sleep: This week I slept better than last. I may have just been tired from all of our Christmas and New Year fun. 

Movement: Maggie is continuing to kick and I can feel her roll around. At night she moves closer up to the edge of my belly and I can feel her move even better. 

Food cravings: I have really gotten back on track with my healthy eating and it's feels so good! I am having to fight some cravings, but it has given me more energy and helps me keep up with Vann even more. 

Symptoms: I'd say the biggest one this week has been my legs. They are cramping, but I believe it was my sciatic nerve giving me some issues. I did some stretches and drank a ton of water + Rehydrate and it helped tremendously. I have also been wearing tennis shoes while I do house work and that has helped. 

Maggie, We only have around 13 weeks until we meet you and we are so honored already to be your parents and big brother. We love you so much and thank God for your precious life. 

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