Vann is 2 and a HALF!

Vann, you turned 2 and a half about a week ago! WOW! I say this a lot, but time is truly flying by. Your daddy and I see a picture of you from what feels like yesterday, and it's amazing to see how much you've changed, learned, and grown!

*You weigh a little more than 28 lbs and are 3 feet tall!
*You wear a 2T in most clothes and a 3T in a couple of shirts.
*You wear a size 8 shoe and have some great taste in your kicks: right now you are rocking some grey Nikes, Blue Converse, camo boots, or your fireman rain boots that you've loved since Halloween.

*You are potty trained except for naptime and bedtime. That's not your fault, that's Mommy being afraid to take the step. I really think you could do it!
*You are an excellent napper and nap at least 5 times a week for 2 or 2 and a 1/2 hours.
*You have a great bedtime routine. Your daddy is the coolest. He plays with you after dinner and give  you a bath, gets you in your pjs, helps you brush your teeth, and styles your hair. Then, I tuck you in and read you three, four, and sometimes five books.
*You fall asleep at 8:30 each night and wake up around 7 am. You are a great sleeper.

*You moved to your big boy room in January and have a new big boy bed. From the first nap you took you fell right to sleep and acted like it wasn't a huge change. We love that you wake up and tell us from your bed so we can tell you that you can come out. In the mornings I hear you on the monitor and you say, "I wake up!" It's the best thing I could hear to start the day. You come find us and give us big hugs and are ready for a milk cup, "snack", and want to watch surprise eggs on my phone. I am not super proud of the fact that being pregnant has made me a bit more tired, so our morning routine for the past few months has included watching YouTube for Kids. I am working on stopping this routine and saving it for necessary times. :)

*You love school and your teacher Miss Jessica. She does an awesome job with you and helping you learn so many things. We are so grateful for your school, your teacher, and your classmates.
*You help us pray before dinner and do a fantastic job reminding Mommy and Daddy if we forget. Sometimes you sneak a bite during prayer and crunch a bit loudly which gives you away!

*You are a healthy eater for the most part. We love seeing you try new foods and the faces you make if they might not taste as good as we think they do!

*You love trains, cars, anything with wheels, playing outside, drawing tracks on the driveway, blocks, tools, and playdoh. You make anything you can hook together: cars, trains, pillows, blankets, etc. It's the cutest until you get frustrated if something doesn't stay connected!
*Library time is always fun for you. You gravitate towards the train track and cars. Surprise surprise!
*Church is such a great experience for you. You know that Jesus loves you and you remind us lots. We are so happy that we have found a church home that invests so much time and energy into your life and relationship with Jesus. Your teachers are phenomenal and you look forward to walking in the classroom every Sunday.
*One of the most common questions you ask is, "what I do when I wake up from nap". Nap can mean your afternoon nap or when you wake up from bedtime. You are a planner and you get that from your mama for sure.

*Lyla is so patient with you. You went through a long phase where all you wanted to do was grab her tail and pull it wherever you wanted her to go, but recently you've realized that isn't the best idea. When she chases you, you squeal with excitement and love to hide from her. You say, "Nyna come get me!"

*You're very excited to become a big brother and make sure every knows. Maggie is very lucky to have such a smart, caring, and loving brother.

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