39 Weeks with Maggie

How Far Along: 39 weeks

According to The Bump: Your Baby is as Big as a Watermelon
  • Baby's probably able to flex limbs now.
  • Baby's brain is still rapidly developing—and getting smarter by the week!
  • Baby's nails may extend past the fingertips.
Baby keeps growing, despite being so crowded in there. She probably weighs around 6.2 to 9.2 pounds and measures about 18.9 to 20.9 inches. (That's a big discrepancy) -- The Bump 
Sleep: Braxton Hicks were in full swing the last two nights, so sleep wasn't exactly happening. Ryan and I both have a love-hate relationship with my Boppy Total Body pillow. It's getting old flipping over not to mention pulling the pillow over with me. Just a few more nights!! 

This Week: We had a busy week getting lots done. Vann had his 2nd dentist appointment and did fantastic. Vann and I both got our hair cut as well. Ryan and I enjoyed a nice date on Saturday. While we were out we ended up a bit stranded. About 4.5 months ago we replaced my entire transmission. My Edge just celebrated it's 9th birthday, it's paid for, and we did not want to have a car payment with a perfectly acceptable car, so we chose to replace the transmission. Well on Saturday night headed to the restaurant the car wouldn't go more than 5 mph. We had it towed to the Transmission shop, Ryan's dad brought us a truck, and we continued on with the date. THANK GOD the transmission was under warranty and it was the speed sensor that went bad and is now in the shop being replaced. We are also SUPER THANKFUL that the car stopped working at a time when we weren't headed to the hospital! It could always be worse!

Sunday started the Braxton Hicks and here it is Tuesday and they are still happening. I use my contraction counter every so often just to make sure they aren't gaining a regular pattern. Nothing yet. I go to my checkup tomorrow, so we will see if these are helping me make any more progress.

Erin will be here tomorrow! AHH! 

Food Cravings:  I haven't really had any cravings and that's probably because there is no room. I am still enjoying my shake each morning though, I do like that. I am packing a few for the hospital because there's nothing like being excited for food and the options aren't anything I would ever want. 

How’s Mama? I think I have reached the point of being ready. It's bittersweet because I think "will this be the last ____" fill in the blank: tuck Vann in as the only child, cook dinner for our family of 3, go to the store pregnant, eat at a restaurant, feel like I can't breathe, feel Maggie kick in my belly, etc.

What I am looking forward to: Knowing it's TIME to head to the hospital and meet our sweet 2nd baby! 

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: 
  Fun Facts: 
  • weight gain: I will know tomorrow! I am not weighing at home anymore...over it! 
  • stretch marks: not that I can see
  • mood: trying to rest up and enjoy these last few minutes, hours, or days with my boys. 
  • belly button: Vann asked me today where my belly button was...it's completely flat and looks like I don't have one. 
  • wedding rings: yep!
Maggie, we are praying for you, your birth story, and your future! We know God has HUGE things in store! Maybe the next blog post will be your birth announcement! 

Still TO DO: 
*Install car seat (it's in the nursery ready to go) - almost did on Saturday and glad I didn't or it would be at the shop! 
*Get one more pedicure before Maggie arrives
*Finish thank you cards from the baby shower

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