Happy Birthday Sissy!

My sister has the biggest heart. I really don't know a single person who cares so much and loves so much. If you know her, consider yourself blessed. 

She is adventurous. She loves to laugh and enjoy life. Being a nurse has been her calling and she's incredible at her career...I was blessed to have her there when both of my babies were born. She rocks!! 

She knows Jesus and isn't ashamed to share His love with others. You can just tell that He lives in her when you're around her.

She's the most devoted aunt and basically a second mama to Vann and Maggie. She lights up around her nieces and nephew.

She keeps it real! When I'm stressed she will calm me down, she will tell me to get off Google when I'm acting like a Dr., and let me know if something's a big deal or not.

I wish you a Happy Birthday and pray even more blessings for you this year! 

I love you Sissy!

Dana DComment