Maggie : One Month

One Month Old

Maggie is now one month old! She's been the perfect addition to our little family. Vann is in love with her and uses the sweetest voice when he speaks to her.

What Maggie's Been Up To: This past week Maggie went to Downtown Athens to see the Twilight Bike Race while big brother stayed with his Mimi and Papa. She slept until middle of the men's race and then needed to eat and head home.
Sunday was Maggie's first day at church. She came along in the K'tan carrier and slept through the service. We enjoyed a lunch afterwards with Mimi, Papa, and Kayla for Mother's Day. 

Health: Maggie is such a happy baby. She is starting to smile back (just in the past 2 days). Tummy time is not her favorite, so she manages to roll over onto her back to get out of it! Her sweet face is broken out, but I am praying it will go away in a week or so. It looks painful, but I don't think it bothers her at all. Her weight gain seems to be going well because her little face and belly has filled out. She's now is size 1 diapers (2 days after turning a month old) and wearing 3 month outfits. The pants (leggings) are too large around the waist so I roll them down to keep them on. Her hair is getting thicker and a bit lighter since birth.

Nursing: Nursing is going great! One of the biggest fears I had was not being able to nurse and have a toddler running around. It's definitely been a challenge, but so much better than I imagined. Vann is great for the most part, however it never fails that he runs to the potty about 2 minutes into the nursing session. Since he needs my help for some of his potty trips, Maggie gets a bit irritated when I put her down to help her big brother. I fully believe he's doing this on purpose. I am sure this will be one of the things I look back and laugh about.
She wakes up and nurses for a little bit around 5-6 am, then back to sleep until 8 or 9 am. After that it's pretty much every 2 - 2 and a half hours we nurse until 7:30 ish when she cluster feeds for about 2 hours. At 9:30 I hand her over to her daddy until she goes to bed and then she sleeps until the morning. She has done this almost every night since we came home from the hospital. I was waking her up and Dr. Johnson said "see if she sleeps through the night and continues gaining weight". Sure enough at her drs appointment she was gaining and sleeping through the night. What a complete blessing. I definitely know that was not our experience with Vann, so we are thanking God for those extra hours of sleep.

Baby Stuff We Love: Medela Pump, Aiden and Ainais Swaddles, Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper, Pack N Play, Pampers Swaddlers (now in size 1), Pacifiers, K'tan Original, Nursing Cover, Cake Lingerie Nursing bra, Little Remedies Gripe Water, Britax B-Agile stroller, Britax B-Safe carseat, Boppy, 4Moms Momaroo

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