Maggie's Birth Story

Starting around 37 weeks I noticed I was having contractions, however they weren't painful just the tightening up of my belly for a minute or so at a time and of course they weren't regular...aka Braxton Hicks. These came nearly every day, some lasted longer and some days there were only a couple I noticed. This made me excited, anxious, and really made my sister nervous because she wanted to be in town. All I knew was that I wanted Maggie to wait and make her appearance after my sis arrived. This was a daily prayer. Erin flew in on the 6th and we had plans to get a pedicure on the 8th.

April 8th came and we made it to the nail salon. I asked the nail tech to really massage my legs because I knew that was something that was said to possibly begin labor. They said they weren't allowed...psh whatever! I still got a great leg massage, but not nearly as intense as what would be needed for labor. Erin and I had a great lunch at Savory Spoon and then shopped (well, Erin did...I window shopped) at a couple stores in town. Vann played at Ryan's parents home and planned on spending the night that evening. I went ahead and packed his "Big Brother" bag and sent it with him in case we did go to the hospital at some point.

That evening Ryan and I had dinner at the Braselton Grille. I was feeling uncomfortable, ordered a salad, and forced myself to eat it because what if it was my last meal before Maggie...I had to have my strength. Halfway through dinner I started having some pains and pressure in my belly. Ryan kept asking, "do I need to pack my bags tonight?" I told him that would be a great idea seeing as I was going to have a baby any day. On the way home he turned the music up so loud and was driving faster than normal...was he trying to make me go into labor!?! When we got home I took a shower while he installed the baby seat and packed his bag for the hospital. My contractions stopped after the shower. I told Erin and Ryan good night and I climbed in bed not really feeling awesome at 10 pm and tried to relax. Before I knew it, I woke up at 3 am. I texted my sis and told her how upset I was that I had a false alarm. It seriously felt like the real thing. She assured me it was ok and Maggie would be here soon. Right before I fell asleep again I felt a contraction at 3:30 am, then another at 3:36, and then another. They were regular and the beginning of labor. I breathed through a couple more and hopped in the shower to get ready for Maggie's arrival (I had to wash my hair)! I woke Ryan and Erin around 4:15 and let them know it was time to start getting ready for the hospital.

We left around 5:45 am. When we were checking in Erin told me to stop smiling or they were not going to believe I was in active labor. We made it in and were placed in a room to see if I was in active labor around 6:45 am. Shift change was happening, so they checked me at 7 am and we were in labor and at 5 cm. Contractions were every 5 minutes and had a steady pattern. They checked me into room 13 and we got the show on the road. I just wanted to sit in the bath tub, pray for Maggie, listen to worship music, and breathe through the contractions. Erin knew all of the nurses, so it was extremely nice to have her with us. Maggie was looking great on the monitor when they'd check her every 30 minutes.

My parents arrived and were hanging out in the delivery room with Erin and Ryan. I was checked for progress around 9:45 am and was at 8 centimeters. Labor was moving right along, and even though I was shooting for a natural labor I knew how awesome it was to have an epidural when I labored with Vann. So, after Dr. Ward checked me, with my "bulging bag of water" still intact, I opted for the epidural and he broke my water.

Around 10:15 am my epidural was in, so I was laying back letting it get to work. That's the first time my blood pressure went down. Woo, I felt so lightheaded. I drank some Rehydrate and had a popsicle along with some Ephedrine and I was feeling better. Erin and Susan got me hooked up with the peanut ball and labor was in full swing, but I could barely feel it!

Right before 12, Dr. Ward came in and I was complete and it was time to start pushing. Susan and Erin, other nurses, Ryan, and my mom were in the room for the first few rounds of pushes. We were making great progress so Dr. Ward came in with his crew and at 12:39 pm on Saturday, April 9th, 2016 Margaret Katherine was born!

Every inch of her was perfect! They laid her right on me and she just snoozed away. After about an hour we tried to nurse and she knew just what to do. She weighed 7 lbs 4 oz and was 20 inches long.

Before we left for the Mother Baby room I headed to the restroom and before I knew it I was waking up to smelling salts after I had passed out. Praise the Lord for nurses and especially the one who caught me before I fell on the hard tile floor. My blood pressure had plummeted again, so once they got it back up and I ate some food all was well again! Compared to that the rest of our stay was uneventful!

 Vann came later that afternoon and got to meet his little sister! I felt like my heart was going to burst. I teared up a few times and I know Ryan felt the same. He was very excited and did the cutest laugh that I wish I recorded. Maggie gave him the dump truck he was hoping she'd bring (not sure where he thought she was going to get that) and he enjoyed playing with it while everyone visited.

 We love you Maggie Katherine! 

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