Maggie is 4 Months!

Oh Maggie! 

You are 4 months! You are so happy and such a sweet joy to all of us! 
You SMILE so big and it gets even bigger when you see your brother. You think he is so funny. 
You are a little more than 12 lbs, getting longer, and eating like a champ! You are nursing, but we get to add in cereal, an orange veggie, and a green one for now! 

You have found your voice and use it lots. You love to squeal and giggle. You copy us and mimic sounds to "talk" back to us. 
You are strong and can pull your self up when I give you my hands. You like to bop around on your legs. 
You are sleeping in your crib now. You've done a great job with the transition. You like to be swaddled, but manage to get your arms out. Last night you had rolled onto your side and slept like that for a bit. 
You stayed overnight at Mimi and Papa's and did a great job. 

You will finally take a bottle from us. We were afraid you weren't going to drink one while we were gone to TX, but you did! Mimi and Lolli had the magic touch! 
You roll from your back to tummy and tummy to back! 

You wear 6 month or 3-6 month clothes for the most part. You've been enjoying wearing some of Ava's clothes that she is letting you borrow. Your cousin has some good style going on, so you get the benefit! 
You LOVE bath time. You can be upset/done for the day and I give you a bath and all is right in the world. 

We love you to the moon and back beautiful girl! 

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