Say What?!?

One reason I blog is to help me remember the day to day. I have the worst memory, so blogging really helps!

Vann says funny things all of them time, but they seem to be getting even more humorous!
Here are a few: 

Several weeks ago I talked Ryan into buying one of the wire head scratchers. We love it! Vann had it and I told him not to bend it because it was mommy and daddy's 
Vann: It's not yours, it's mine. 
Me: No, it's mine but we can share. 
Vann: No, it's not because it has my brain and my germs on it. 

On one of our car rides we began talking about what to do if one of our friends got hurt or needed help and this led into a "stranger danger" conversation. This is a hard concept to teach.

Me: Strangers are everywhere. Some are nice and some can be mean.
Vann: I've seen a stranger before at the "flea waxer".
Me: Really, what's the flea waxer?
Vann: You know, it's the doctor's office. 

After Ryan gets Vann in the bed, I go in there and give him a kiss and a hug. He always wants me to "way wif me for a wittle bit". So I do because who can resist "waying wif him"?
Vann: I have stems on my neck.
Me: you do, what are stems? Do I have any?
Vann: (touches my neck) Yes, you have them.
Stems are the little muscles that pop out of your neck when you clench your jaw. 

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