10 Months with Maggie

Maggie is 10 months old today! She sure is a sweetie pie! We all love her so much. Her smile is contagious and she lights up a room waving and saying "hey" to everyone! 

Maggie LOVES bathtime still. I walk into the bathroom and sing "bathtime back again" and she starts bouncing with excitement! She is like a little fish scooting from one end of the tub to the other. She most definitely catches her second wind in the bath.

Maggie is sleeping solid through the night and takes two naps unless we are out in the morning. We battled sleep a couple of months ago when she had an earache and RSV, so praise God we are through that.

Fruits are her favorites! If she eats a green veggie she gags and will not eat anymore ALTHOUGH she ate spinach with pears last night and didn't gag. Since she's working with one tooth we haven't gotten too crazy with foods. She's still nursing like a champ but she's certainly busy so it doesn't take long.

One tooth has popped through (about a week ago) and lots more are just waiting to break the skin. We can see them, so anytime they want to show up we are ready! She keeps her little lips pursed a lot of the time.

It's only a matter of time until Maggie starts walking. She will hold on to our fingers lightly and walk around. She pulls up on everything and stands for a second or two. She is inching around furniture and crawls (more like scoots like a baby monkey) at lightning speed. 

She LOVES her brother and even though he's rough with her more than Mommy would like she believes he hung the moon. No one can make her laugh like him. I love when he is gentle and shows her how to play with one of his toys. It's the sweetest thing I've ever seen!

Her first birthday will be here before we know it so we are cherishing our time with our baby as much as we can! We love you Maggie Katherine! Happy 10 months!

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