Snow Day in December

Snow Day 2017-6.jpg

We had a strange Saturday. First of all, we had nothing written on the calendar to do. That NEVER happens, but I have been trying to minimize how much I plan for our family. This season can be non-stop if we don't plan time in to relax.

I woke up and was hanging in the living room with the kiddos.
The weather report was calling for snow in GA, but while the top half of GA was looking like a winter wonderland, our little neck of the woods was getting some more rain.

Ryan walked out of our bedroom and told me his mother just called with the news his Nana had passed. She had been sick for some time this year, but it still was a shock at how fast she went to Heaven.

About 15 minutes later I peeked out the window and the rain had turned to snow. It was gorgeous and so peaceful.

Snow 2017-7.jpg

V was so excited to watch it begin sticking to the ground and get on his coat and boots to play. M wasn't so sure why the rain looked so different and was amazed.

Snow 2017-10.jpg

So, while the day wasn't what we expected it was what we had planned. Spending time with one another and thanking God for our blessing of family.

Snow 2017-13.jpg
Snow 2017-14.jpg
Snow 2017-12.jpg
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