Speaking Truth into the Lies: 3 Practical Ways to Rewire Your Thoughts

Our mind is a powerful tool, but it can be controlled by the wrong things. When this happens we may not recognize it at first or even at all. It can feel like we are drowning and to the outside world all is right (dare I say perfect). 

For me and some of my mommy friends who have discussed this, we find we aren't alone! So, I wonder, are there more of you out there? Is the battlefield of the mind something you recognize and struggle with as well?

If so, let's take a look at some simple, yet powerful, things that will help to refocus on God. 


Turn them up loud! Music and the lyrics can change how we are feeling and what we are thinking about. By turning on worship music we are flooding our minds with God-centered truth. What is your go to music?

Here is one of my current favorites:


What do you read? Do you read at all? I think about it like the friends I hang out with. Are you a better person for hanging around them or are they raining on your parade and full of unnecessary drama? This holds true for what we read. Is it helping you grow for the better?

Here are some things I have read, or am currently reading, that keep my mind centered on Christ and His promises.

The Bible (no better place) I love to flip through and settle on a verse. Psalms and Proverbs are favorites.

First 5 by Proverbs 31 Ministries

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst


This is an awesome tool to have next your bed, on the fridge, on your dash in your car, bathroom mirror, anywhere you frequent.

They were a challenge for me to write, I won't lie. But they are such a great reminder of the good things in my life. Some of my cards talk about being a wife, mother, and who God says I am.

Basically you jot down statements about your life that you know to be true and want to cultivate.

"I am the best mom for my children. I love, encourage, and give grace to them." - I wish I could say this felt true each day, but it's something I strive for daily! Reading it makes me focus on who I want to be as a mother!

Doing these simple, yet very powerful things, help me turn away from the lies that I can make up and direct me back to the truth. Hope that helps, friends!


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