It's Time for a Mamas' Night Out : Plan It

Has this ever happened? You are ready for a MNO (mamas' night out), your girls are in, but what's is the plan! It's been weeks. months. years. What do you do? 

You're in luck ladies! Here are some fun, easy, and relatively inexpensive ideas for you and your mama friends! Once you all decide what you'll do, then it's time to pick a date. It seems like this is always the hardest part, but I want to share what has worked for our group! A tool that I like to use called Doodle! It's a free site that lets you pick dates and times, share them with friends, and they select the times that work for them. It's so easy and helps you find the day that works for the group! 


So, you have a date!  Here are some simple ideas to help plan the night! 

Now, it's time to get your best gals together and enjoy a minute to yourselves! I find I come back from time with my friends recharged and feeling like we are all cheering each other on. You can do this hard work Mama and remember to have fun along the way! Tag #mamasminute in your next night out with friends! 

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