Beach Photos : The Real Story


You know how people say, "well, on social media you only see the highlight reel." That's true a lot of the time. I don't think it's a bad thing as long as we all keep in mind it's just not the entirety of people's lives. It's a glimpse.

I wanted to let you all go behind the scenes of our photo shoot that we had back on our May beach trip. First of all, we all had Strep. All. 4. of. us. had. STREP. You feeling me? The ride down was hellacious. Except for Maggie. Just like 99% of the time, she was completely chill. Strep didn't stop us from the 6 hour drive to the beach. We made it and made some wonderful memories.

And then there's the family photos. That's what we do at the beach. We want to capture our last moments on the gorgeous coast with the waves in the background and the sun going down. But a lot must go into that perfect photo. Our outfits. The weather. The time of the photo session. And how people (especially children) feel.


One night all of the siblings and their significant others went out for photos + dinner. Just what all of the guys wanted to do. However, they went along with our plan and Anna Beth and I captured some fun frame worthy photos in Alys Beach. We also enjoyed the Red Bar afterwards. Their food is delicious and filling. That was the first time I could really enjoy food after having a terrible reaction to meds for Strep. I will save that story for another day...or never. Maybe I can wipe it from my memory.

Then there was the morning we planned to leave. I threw on their outfits and snapped these of M and V on the beach before it got too warm. Note to self: take my kiddos photos in the morning after they've eaten. They did a great job and I love this memory. It was calm and quiet and the waves were so fresh and new welcoming the day.

And then there was the night we took family photos. It was gorgeous outside. Everyone was coordinating and cute. But here's the reality: my kiddos were hungry. Did you know a great time for evening photos is right before sunset aka around our dinner time? We were handing the little one Veggie Straw after Veggie Straw. And our boy was wanting to explore because that's what 3 year olds do. And Mama just wanted ONE photo where we were all looking AND smiling. It's not too much to ask, right? Thank God we had all of the family on the beach and plenty of hands to help corral the kiddos. And this is real life. Real. And I am grateful. I love looking back at these photos now and I know I will love them even more in 5, 10, 20, and for sure in 30 years.

So, whether you're planning family photos or have just gone through the craziness, just know you're not alone if you don't get one of the entire family looking and smiling because it's real life. And that's the best life.

Keep Smiling,


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