Rent the Runway : My Experience

 After seeing several friends use Rent the Runway, I decided to give it a shot! We had been invited to a wedding for great friends, so I thought it was the perfect time!  

 I hopped onto their website and noticed that there were some really cool features. For example, the reviews girls left along with pictures of how the dresses fit were priceless. I loved finding that they have many dresses that come in petite, regular, and tall length! That was really helpful for a 5'2" girl like me. You can select your body type, the kind of event, age range, and more.

 After browsing a bit, I found a dress that I really liked. I put it in my cart and went to check out. But wait, there's more!  Before you check out completely they have you select one more size of the dress you choose and a backup dress if the first one doesn't work. I loved this option! You can add on jewelry, which I did! The earrings made the dress look even better!

 When the dress arrived it was in good condition, however the bag that it was wrapped in was not my favorite. It was a cloth bag, so I felt like smells could get trapped into it.   I did smell a little bit of smoke, so I made sure to hang it up and air the dress out. I didn't notice the smell after hanging it up. My husband didn't either! I believe it was the bag. 

 I tried on the dress and I was impressed! My first pick fit like a dream! I could not believe it! I had some dresses in my closet on back up as well just in case this was a flop.  But thank God it worked!

 I threw on my tried-and-true White House Black Market black heels and they were the perfect height for the length of the dress!  

 I wish I would've gotten more pictures in it. Next time I Rent the Runway, I will for sure! I did receive compliments on the dress, and I'd gush about how fabulous the whole process was. So fun to try new styles and not commit to the designer price tag!


MaryStuart was a GORGEOUS bride and the wedding was nothing short of a fairytale! Ryan and I had a ball celebrating MaryStuart and Chris! Best wishes guys!


The return process was simple and convenient! The hardest part was driving to the UPS dropbox! I highly recommend it!

If you'd like to try Rent the Runway, click here and save $30!

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