Just Keep Swimming


Side note: This was written in the Fall of 2017.

The other day as I was washing dishes during naptime I was listening to a sermon. This has been a habit I've been trying to form for awhile. I've explained to my husband before how being a mama who stays home is wonderful, yet lonely. Not lonely like bored. And all the mamas laugh. But lonely without coworkers just down the hall or in the next office. One way I fill the void of adult conversation is listening to podcasts. 

Lately, my family has been walking through a tough journey. It's been eye opening and I truly believe we will be able to bring light to a dark situation, but until then we are filling our minds with God's truth and letting our focus be on Him. 

As I worked and listened I heard the phrase God is Faithful time and time again. And I know this. I know. That I know. That I know. He is Faithful.  But the words mean something more to me than they did when life was a bit easier and I'm clinging to them.

Have you ever heard people say "you're either in a tough place now, coming out of one, or will be in one soon"? Or another way I’ve heard it is “you’re either on the mountain top or in the valley.” I have, and it rubbed me the wrong way because I felt like that was such a negative way to think. But it's true. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear. Just like sometimes believing God is faithful is hard to grasp.  

Life can often seem unfair and our blame is put on anyone or everything else. If only we made a different decision, if I had only done more, if I had been more aware are things we continue telling ourselves. But even when we feel like we are sinking, we must keep our eyes fixed on God. He gives us everything we need, literally the next breath we breathe is a gift from him. I think about Peter walking on water. He takes his eyes off Jesus and falls into the water. When we feel like we are drowning, call out to Him. He is faithful. He will carry you. We don't have to struggle alone. He's there.

Now, even though we are calling out and God may seem quiet, He is working to use everything for His glory. Everything: the good and the bad. Our highs and our lows!


So keep the faith my sweet friend. God is faithful!



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