Preparing for the Storm

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Today we've spent a lot of time preparing for the tail end of Irma to make its way into our town. Running here and there making sure we have the essentials if the power goes out. Batteries. Backup flashlights. Milk for the kiddos. Chocolate for me. You know, the essentials. The stores had empty shelves even before it made landfall in the US an entire state away. People are preparing for the worst. And that's all we can do. Prepare. We can only control the controllables in our lives. We can't control the gusts of wind, the amount of rain that falls, or the strikes of lightning. But we can control how we approach the situation and be as prepared as possible.  

Our lives are full of sunny days and sprinkled with storms. On the way home from the store, a song I've heard a hundred times was playing and it made me reflect on how we prepare for the tough times in life and many times how we don't. 

Have you ever heard the phrase "fix the roof before it rains"? This applies to our lives in a variety of circumstances. We know we are going to have some bad times, but we often don't know when or how long they will last. We can find ourselves in some dark places we'd rather not visit again. And leaning on God during those times can grow our faith in Him and our relationship with Him exponentially. It sure is hard when we don't prepare. When we don't already have his truth tucked in our hearts. It's hard when we don't have the energy to fight through the storms. But friend that's when we need to lean into Him more than ever. That's when He calls us to be still and let Him do the tough stuff. 

He will provide our needs. He is our shelter from the storm (Psalm 46). Our hope (Psalm 33:20). The strength and breath we need to get through one more minute (Psalm 34:18). He will give nourishment to our soul (Matthew 4:4). 

If you aren't in the storm now, prepare. If you are in the rocky moments and full of doubt, allow God to wrap you in His peace and comfort. He will carry us through. 

Dana DossComment