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TGIF, the good old days. Am I right? I remember Friday nights of my childhood consisting of a fun meal and flipping on the tv with my siblings. The "fun" meal I remember most was the freezer meal. Specifically what comes to mind is Kid Cuisine. My mom is an amazing cook, so I wonder if she was offended that I begged for these meals or was she happy that she didn't have to cook on a Friday. Which was it Mama? I can still remember the bland taste and the squeaky corn with a really dense brownie. Even though it wasn't gourmet, there was something magical about those Friday nights.

Mama would microwave our meals and flip on ABC. I could hardly stand to wait until the TGIF portion came on. Family Matters, Full House, Step By Step, Boy Meets World, and more. 

But now what? What is a family to do on Friday nights? I am big on making our house a home and with that comes traditions + things we do that our family can expect. I feel this adds comfort and peace in our family. I pray these will be some of those core memories our kids will recreate with their family and ones that Ryan and I can look back on later in life. 


Ryan and I had talked about this for awhile and then one Friday last summer we started the first of many Fun Fridays. And they are just that...FUN! We start talking about them on Thursday, sometimes Wednesday, and plan out something simple and fun for us to do. 

The first important bullet to check off the list is food. Duh. Cooking is not my forte (I am a work in progress) but I am pretty sure Ryan is a foodie. We get that planned. Here are some of our favorites: 

Fun Friday Pizza-2.jpg
  • Pizza (homemade is a fun way to spend time together in the kitchen, but ordering out is great too, or even a frozen pizza) Our favorite pizza dough and toppings come from Trader Joe's. So good! 
  • Mexican Food is one of our favorite meals. We have a great place in town we can run to fairly quick!
  • Grilling burgers or hotdogs. Ryan also enjoys going to Stripling's and checking out their selection of meats to grill - Steaks are always a treat. 
  • Swinging by a fast food restaurant is also an option (since we eat out once or twice a week this is still a treat!)
  • Ryan makes a mean batch of homemade ice cream and loves making new flavors! Taste testing has been a fun Friday treat! Our most recent was Reese's Puffs. DELICIOUS!
Fun Friday Pizza.jpg

Our next step is the FUN! Here's what we like to do as a family: 

  • Go to the pool.
  • See what's happening around our city. We have enjoyed going to Twilight (an awesome bike race in Athens) and checking out local food trucks. 
  • Parks are a great place to let the kiddos play, go on a family walk, or ride bikes.
  • Watch a family movie: Toy Story, Cars, and The Bee Movie are some great ones.
  • On nights when we stay in and can't really find a movie, we turn on Fixer Upper or Home Town. Our son loves it just as much as we do. It's a great family friendly show and we all have fun seeing what they create out of the initial house. 
  • Games. Here's a warning to the parents: have patience. Games aren't always fun over here because someone always loses. We are all a bit competitive. However, it's a great lesson to learn and it gets better each round. We love Candy Land, Snacky Squirrel, Bean Boozled, and Pie in the Face. 
  • Planting flowers is always a good time. From buying the flowers, grabbing a bite to eat, and planting them as a family you can't go wrong. 
  • Listening to Ryan play a new song he's learned on the guitar is priceless.
Ryan guitar.jpg

Each of us honestly look forward to the time together and it always turns out to be full of fun! What do you do for Fun Friday? Tag us in your post on IG @mamasminute and let us see your Fun Friday or comment below! 

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