Dining Al Fresco

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Al Fresco. Sounds fancy, right? Not in these parts! We are in love with eating outside on the new farm table my talented husband built. But I am all about keeping our nightly outdoor dinners super simple! Here's how.

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Paper Products

This is the #1 must have for us. It makes the cleanup so quick. I bought a cute little white organizational basket that fits our plates, napkin, and utensils just perfect. I can grab it out of the pantry fast and throw it right back in when we are done. I love to find seasonal plates. These are from WalMart (10 @ $1.47). It makes dinner fun!

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In the south, our summer is full of bugs. Mosquitoes and flies are the most common when we are out for dinner, so a citronella candle (+ a fly swatter/tape...we're classy) goes a long way. A few tealights in some vases go along way as well and add some sweet ambience.


Fresh Flowers

Need I say more. This is so easy. I keep a vase full of fresh flowers on our breakfast table indoors so it's simple to move outside when we eat dinner.



A great playlist running in the background at dinner is the way to my heart. Especially when our kiddos can get a bit crazy at the table, this keeps the mood lighter. I love our speaker that I got from TJMaxx at the beginning of the summer. There are some excellent playlists on Spotify that you can play around the theme of your meal. Italian tunes with spaghetti or pizza, country melodies with a great meal off of the grill, and some sassy salsa for those taco Tuesdays always adds some fun!

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Summer dinners on the back deck are definitely warm, but we all agree they are so much better than being inside. My family is looking forward to even more meals outside in the fall!

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