Summertime : Memories from Childhood


Do you spy that little white house tucked away between the rolling hills of north Ga? It sure does hold a sweet place in my heart. It’s the house we would visit to spend time with my grandma in the summers.

One vivid memory I recall is being about 9 years old and the floor creaking when I got up from nap. All of the other kiddos were asleep after playing in the creek and breathing in the mountain air. I snuck to the kitchen and met Grandma to make some cookies. It was just us in the kitchen, whispering, mixing the sugar, egg, and chocolate chips, and placing them in the oven.

These are the memories I want my children to have: time to play in the rain, get dirty, try something new, pick blueberries. Be kids. So I’m welcoming summer and embracing my inner-child to make summer memories the best they can be.

It’s supposed to rain a lot here in the next couple of days! Here’s to running through puddles with my babes!

Dana DossComment