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Money! Want some?
Money. Not the most glorious topic of conversations to have with ANYONE, but a necessary one. Instead of small group on Monday, we all made it out to church to hear Joe Sangl give his two cents (aren't I a comedian) about green! He was humourous, knowledgeable, and with-it! He even gave us free...yes FREE...documents to balance our money. 

I will say that my handsome hubby was really in his element. When I walked out of church I asked him if he learned anything new. He responded with a simple no, but said he really enjoyed it! At one time Joe asked if anyone was driving an older car and asked what it was. People were saying 2003 Grand Caravans (not too old to me), and I decided Ryan needed to share. I flailed my pointer finger up in the air and aimed at Ryno's head. Joe asked what he drove and he proudly shared about his dependable 97 Toyota 4Runner with over 200,000 miles on it. I am so proud of my hubby for standing by his statement, "drive it to the wheels fall off". Cars are ridiculous, although we love taking Pearl for a ride! Joe spoke about how the Bible teaches us so very much about managing money. After all, God owns it all . . . are we managing it correctly?

My sis and her friend, Abby, came along with us, and we all had a great conversation from the presentation to home. It was so nice to see them, and I am proud of them going to a financial class at such a young age! We all learned that in order for us to have money, we can't spend money. I also found out how much longer I have until I am completely debt free with the house and all! :)

I wanted to share these great tools with you all! Mr. Sangl has a free app: I Was Broke. Now I'm Not. LOOK IT UP! I absolutely love it. You can find a ton of tools on his website, Facebook, or Twitter page as well! Please, do me a favor and check it out!
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Up All Night

Have you seen it? It is one of our favorite shows. We used to love Wednesdays even more because we would get Up All Night added on to another favorite show, Revenge. NBC moved Up All Night to Thursdays, so now we have to wait! It's worth it!

It's about a quirky couple (Christina Applegate and Will Arnett) who are making it through their married life with a new baby! Ryan and I relate to so much of the show, so it's hilarious to us!

Let us know if you enjoy this dose of weekly humor!!

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Announcing our new addition!
 Announcing our new addition...the bathroom!  We have an awesome bathroom...if I do say so myself! So, to make it even more awesome, we are adding some beadboard. Our inspiration is from the cabin we went to a couple of falls ago.  It was 100% perfect, so we are having my baby brother recreate it! 

Here's the inspiration! 

Here's what my bro is creating! Looks good, right?! :)

Right now, it looks like a construction zone, but it's well worth it. 

 Lyla is amazed!
My favorite part is this gorgeous mirror. It's a Martha Stewart special and Greg has made it look like part of the wall. How awesome is that? 
 I can't wait to show you all the finished product! Come back soon!
Thanks Greg! 
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We celebrated Valentine's Day this past weekend. We stayed at Chateau Elan and had a relaxing evening and a great big breakfast. 

We met friends for dinner at Versailles in Chateau and had tons of laughs. I often wonder after the dinner if people are highly annoyed with us! We laugh the entire time! It's hard not to with our comedians that we married! 

I was glad that Ryan enjoyed himself! He has been working so HARD this tax season. I know he gets discouraged, but I am so proud of him! 

 On the actual day of Valentine's I surprised Ryan with a homemade HEART pizza (his favorite food), a sweet card, and a sweet book! He certainly surprised me with some gorgeous roses and a nice toast! It was a nice, peaceful evening! 

I am so grateful for love in my life. I am also happy that is not ONLY shown on Valentine's. I thank God for Ryan daily and am blessed to call him my husband. 
Our Winter Mantle
When Christmas is over our house feels depressingly bare with the tree gone, the furniture back in place, and the angels missing from the mantle. This year I feel a theme of white coming on quick. I LOVE color, but my friend Sara over at Mixon Mania makes me want to keep it simple yet super classy! So, here is our mantle... **Excuse the lack of major photo quality due to my NEW iPhone 4S! Yeah baby!**