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Happy 4th Anniversary!
On Oct 10th Ryan and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. Since it was a Thursday we ordered food from one of our favorite Japanese restaurants and enjoyed a night with our boy. 

On Saturday my parents came over and watched Vann while we went to Allie and Will's wedding. It was beautiful and the weather was perfect. There's nothing like a wedding on your anniversary weekend to remember the vows we made on our big day.  
The sunset was gorgeous! 

Happy Anniversary Dossinator! I am beyond thankful for all he does for our family! He is the hardest worker, best cook, sweetest father, man of God, and loves me! I could not ask for more! 
On Sunday this was my view while relaxing after the perfect massage at Chateau Elan! Ryan looked at me as soon as we walked in the spa and said, "I feel so relaxed right now!" It was fabulous! We got a couples massage, enjoyed the jacuzzi, and enjoyed the peace and quiet together. It was a great day and we are so thankful Gene and Shelia took care of Vann while we were on our day trip. 
I'm not a fan of this pic, but you can truly tell how relaxed we were. 

I'm so blessed to do life with the man God planned for my life. Love you Ryan!
Our happy place!

**some of this post was written at the beach and some at home...forgive me for switching from past and present tense**

Mom and I are enjoying our happy place..the beach! We are both reading, relaxing, and getting some sun!

We arrived on Wednesday to be greeted with rain, but like the song says ... Rain is a good thing. It gave us time to buy groceries, a couple other things, and let up enough for a walk on the beach!

Thursday was a rain-free day, but cloudy until late afternoon! We did enjoy sitting out on the beach after an adventurous morning. We headed over to Baytowne Wharf to visit one of Mom's sweet college friends who is down now as well with three of her children! We enjoyed brunch at Another Broken Egg cafe and hung out with Becky! The beach wasn't too crowded, so we found a spot and relaxed. We decided on a little restaurant some of us had been to last time we were down. It didn't disappoint and the wait was short!!

On Friday we grabbed lunch on the beach at The Back Porch! Shrimp and scallops were super delicious and we got to sit on the back porch deck with heaters to protect us from the cold weather. It was fun and relaxing for sure!
After this meal...the sun peeked out for a bit and we decided to go to the beach. Not pictured is us in our jackets and yoga pants with our hoods on to protect us from the wind! haha! 

On Saturday the weather was glorious! Where had it been all of our lives this week!?  We soaked up every ray... maybe a bit too much. We got a little sunburn, but we were sure it would turn tan. We could live with the consequences for today!

I love spending time with my mama. There's no one like her, and I am thankful for her sweet spirit. We have a blast just being ourselves and enjoying the present.

On the last night we rode over to Seaside thinking we'd enjoy one of the restaurants there, but we decided that we didn't want to wait. So, we rode back over to Destin after calling Bubba Gumps (I knew they'd have the shrimp I'd been craving...Forrest is famous for his shrimp) and finding there was NO wait! Before we left Seaside though, some pictures of the sunset happened. It was divine timing for sure!

 You can't make things up like that sunset! Man, it's gorgeous! 

After our trip around the panhandle in search of a restaurant and finally going to our original place we had in mind... this is what was smack-dab in the middle of the table. "It's funny how things work out." ... to say the least!  Thanks Forrest!


We had a great trip and woke up early to head back to our families! Before we left, some pictures were snapped on the balcony and a yummy breakfast was enjoyed!  Thank God for a safe trip and a beautiful memory with my mom! I wouldn't change a thing except for the sunshine peeking through a bit more!


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We celebrated Valentine's Day this past weekend. We stayed at Chateau Elan and had a relaxing evening and a great big breakfast. 

We met friends for dinner at Versailles in Chateau and had tons of laughs. I often wonder after the dinner if people are highly annoyed with us! We laugh the entire time! It's hard not to with our comedians that we married! 

I was glad that Ryan enjoyed himself! He has been working so HARD this tax season. I know he gets discouraged, but I am so proud of him! 

 On the actual day of Valentine's I surprised Ryan with a homemade HEART pizza (his favorite food), a sweet card, and a sweet book! He certainly surprised me with some gorgeous roses and a nice toast! It was a nice, peaceful evening! 

I am so grateful for love in my life. I am also happy that is not ONLY shown on Valentine's. I thank God for Ryan daily and am blessed to call him my husband. 
Mountain Views with Great Friends
This gorgeous weekend was even more beautiful because of who we shared it with. Our community small group took it's second annual retreat to the North Georgia Mountains. On Friday night we left out after enjoying a filling dinner at Loco's together.

We made it up a little before 11 pm. The road to get to the neighborhood was a one-lane dirt road, which had us all telling spooky stories on the way through the winding trail. The map said 2.3 miles, but it took us about 15 minutes because of our turtle-like speed and dodging ditches. What were we in store for?

Thank God it was perfect! The Snow Fort was fabulous and super accommodating. We stayed up late talking and snacking. At one point most of the ladies were asleep while the men were chatting away. Time for bed!

The next day, we woke up to a yummy french toast casserole along with some filling bacon, sausage, and fruit! Nathan and Sarah did a great job. The boys played some Jenga and got pretty loud with it, while the gals enjoyed a game of Scrabble. It was strange not to be able to press a button and scramble your tiles like on Words With Friends!

Ryan and I were in charge of lunch. We brought the CrockPot, chicken, Texas Pete, and some ranch packets along. When you mix it all up and let cook for 4 - 6 hours you have buffalo chicken for some spicy sandwiches on buns. We had some veggies and salad to go with it. Afterwards we chilled in front of the TV and watched 50-50. This is where all of the tears started falling {only the gals of course}.

Then, several of us went exploring the mountain. It was about 1.5 - 2 miles, but ALL hills. Even walking downhill was a bit scary. If you hit a pebble and started to roll, you weren't going to stop! That's why we had to walk like monkeys down the mountain and bearcrawl up the mountain to the cabin.

We stopped for a photo op at the entrance of the 'hood. The men really enjoy pics. . .

"Sorority pose" was decided on for the ladies pics. One thing we didn't decide on was having Scott hide behind the sign and POP out while we were posing!


Danielle and Matt were in charge of dinner on Saturday evening. They made a great taco soup that was enjoyed by all. Next, a game of Life was played. If only we got paid our salary every time it was a pay day!

After the game was finished we had communion. This is something we didn't do last year. It was something that will stick with me for life. We all shared how God used this group to help us. It was powerful to hear stories that we may or may not have known. Some special news was shared, contagious laughs were had, and tears were shed. So happy that we made the drive to join a community group that Sunday evening in 2010! I love where it's guided our lives.

Later that evening most of the gals hopped in the hot tub and had some girl talk. The guys stayed inside and who knows what was going on. Whenever I walked in someone was playing DJ and memories were being shared.

We all woke up on Sunday AM, ate some bagels, oatmeal, and fruit, and rolled out around noon. Before we all piled in the cars, I snapped some pics of every awesome couple and the whole crazy group!

{Karen and Scott}

{Danielle and Matt}

{Ryan and ME}

{Nathan and Sarah}

{Adam and Kristen}

{Mike and Lauren}

It was a successful trip!!
Thank you God for letting us share our time with you and your beautiful creation. Thank you for letting us get home safely.

I would have changed my lovely cold I caught mid-Saturday. I am sure it was obnoxious the way my horn was sounding every 5 minutes. At one point, I created a Neti-pot out of a water bottle. Not one of my proudest moments. Now, I am still laying in bed with a nasty sinus infection. This little cold hasn't visited since the last cabin trip. Maybe next year the beach will be in the retreat plans. What do you say group?

Dawgs 24 ... FL 20
Well, we barely beat the Gators, but we'll take a win against Florida anyday!

What an exciting game. It was our first time down to watch the game. We had a long day full of fun! I will be back to write about our day soon!

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