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What Are Your 2015 Goals?

AdvoCare All In Nationwide 24 Day Challenge

January 7th, 2015 is the kickoff to our first Nationwide 24 Day Challenge program!  Our team is very excited about this and thrilled to have the extra support and virtual coaching that AdvoCare will be sharing with us. If you have ever thought about the Challenge, now is the time! It's literally NATIONWIDE...tens of thousands of people will be joining us! 
The All In Challenge includes some FUN additions! 

  • The All In Challenge bundle will include a free blender bottle, a wristband, and FREE UPGRADED SHIPPING on this order and a future order of $250 or more*!
  • Another cool thing is that if you pre order your 24 Day Challenge between December 17th- December 31st your challenge will arrive between January 2nd-January 6th just in time to start the challenge together as a group.

advocare All In

Some of the benefits:
  • Anyone who orders now until Christmas will not not be charged until after Dec. 26th - Jan. 1st!!
  • AdvoCare All In will have virtual coaching along with live coaching by me and special instructions before  January 7th, 2015 shopping tips, recipes, and much more for the challenge.
  • You will have a timeline to make the challenge super simple  that will walk you step by step.
advocare virtual coach
  • Why is it such a big deal that it's NATIONWIDE? There are a lot of benefits to doing a 24 Day Challenge all the way through as a large group. Not only will your success rate increase, but there is phenomenal support, helpful information, it’s fun and encouraging to complete the challenge with others, and helps keep you accountable to the simple program.
advocare all in
  • Clean eating plan with meals and recipes for all of the days throughout the challenge.
  • Facebook support group - AdvoCare All IN
  • Fitness tips
  • Snack Ideas
  • MORE!
Bonus:  If you or someone you know is considering of becoming an AdvoCare distributor,  this is the perfect time to do so! It's the perfect way to save money and begin a PLAN B!
  • You could essentially purchase 14 All In 24 Day Challenges with Catalyst all with Free Shipping (there is no limit)
  • You could start your own 24 Day Challenge group and sell your challenges to others.  At this level you would be an Advisor and be at the 40% off level in AdvoCare!
  • After selling your Challenges you could profit 30% on each challenge purchased that you sell for retail.  This could roughly be a paycheck of around $900 in profit. How's that for a BONUS entering 2015!
  • So now your Advisor order is costing you a lot less to be at the 40% off level for life.
  • Extra Bonus:  Free Shipping on future $250 or more orders through the AdvoCare All In promotion that can be used between January 7th - February 3rd, 2015.

If you need more information about the All In Promotional deal, please email or contact me in the comments below and I can help answer your questions.
What are your health goals and how can you meet them in 2015? I am here to help! 
all in advocare

Dana Doss
AdvoCare Independent Distributor

*to order you must be a distributor or order through a distributor like ME! 
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A lot of us don't drink enough water! I am amazed by what we are missing when we don't chug it down.

 I hate when I hear people say, I don't like the taste of water! WHAT!?! Are you kidding? There's nothing to taste...get it down!

 Why do we need to drink H20? The simple answer is...we need it! The complex answer is...weightloss, metabolism, oxygen, regulates our temperature, glowing skin, and the list goes on! 

If that's not enough to convince you...

Still not convinced? 

Source: via Pedro on Pinterest

We need it! It helps us! Go drink a glass! :) 


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Oh How Pinteresting! I have missed you!
Goodness! It's be too long since I have shared my pins with the blog world! This week I am seeing that persistence and patience pays off and continues to build motivation! So, I am linking up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple! Go check out her pins and share your own!

Source: via Van on Pinterest

Source: via Van on Pinterest

What's holding you back? Are you going to let it have that control? DON'T! 


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May, You really know how to disappear!
The month of May has been a whirlwind of life! I was looking forward to May and then it literally slipped through my fingers. I am praying that summer is a bit slower, so I can unwind a bit! 

May started off with a great sewing class. I learned how to make some cute pot holders along with some pretty suh-weet hand towels! I love the bright colors! I think I need a "beach" room. Maybe that can be added soon!
Mother's Day was celebrated at a new local restaurant called Ploughman's Pub. It was delicious and full of smiles and laughter! 

I definitely have the BEST mom hands down! I am beyond grateful for her! 

I also continued on my AdvoCare products and continue to see incredible results! Ryan finished up his challenge down 10 lbs and over 10 inches! I am so proud of him. Dad finished his challenge on the 24th and lost 16 lbs and over 8 inches! Words can't explain how much I love what these products have done for people that I love. The picture above has a wonderful group of ladies that have collectively lost over 60+ pounds! AWESOME!

May 18th was the last day of school with my sweet 5th graders. It's a bit tough being a 5th grade teacher. You hear about the students you may get and then you only have them for a year. Whereas teachers that teach younger grades get to see their past students for a year or more before sending them to middle school. I feel like when they leave my room I will never see them again. This has been true for most of my students, but I LOVE when I am at a school sporting event, graduation, or even shopping and I see one of my sweet babies. I know they are no longer babies, and many times they are taller than me but they will always be my fantastic 5th graders! 

Miss Hailey graduated on Friday night as well. It was so awesome to see my brother so proud. The sky is the limit for her!! Congrats sweet Hailey! 

 May was also full of weddings - 5 to be exact. They were all dear family and friends, so it was very special to take pictures for them and be a guest at the last one.

Danielle helped out with one! Love it when we get to do that! :) 

 One of the wedding included a weekend trip to St. Simons Island to celebrate Nat and Will. Beautiful. I will be doing a blog post on it soon! We had a great time even though a tropical storm by the name of Beryl was rolling in. While it was a bit windy with occasional showers, the days were still pretty and full of GA sun. Sunday night was a loud one with the storm making it's way on the island. The power even went out during dinner at Crabdaddy's! 

 We did run into an older version of Snooki and JWoww for all of you J.S. fans! Ryan is the one that discovered we were among celebrities! Yet another reason I love him! :)

 Here's what we awoke to!

This was me yesterday before getting my 2nd cavity filled! UGH!!! It wasn't bad at all, super tiny but a cavity none the less. To bare with the nasty feeling of being numb on the bottom half of my mouth I took a quick trip to Target. I am pretty sure at one point drool was going down my puffed-up-feeling face. Oh well, I got some good deals!

Two more days of May left, and the 31st is super important to me. 23 years ago my baby sister was born with sweet red hair and huge brown eyes! I love her even more than I did then!

Happy May! :)

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For those of you that KNOW me...
For those of you that KNOW me, know that I can be a bit of a prude when it comes to some things! Posting pics of ME... in a workout outfit... would fall into that category! BUT...when it comes to showing people the proof of what a super simple system can do, I will help people BELIEVE! 

Health is something that has always been important to me. It became especially important to me when someone (a friend's mom) made a hurtful comment about my weight. It was one of those " shouldn't weigh that much" comments. She probably meant it to be harmless, but it has stuck with me for 12 years. It didn't make me have an eating disorder or visit a psychologist about it, but it was a moment that made me think. I was happy, healthy, and my parents never said things to make me worry about how I looked. THANK GOD!! This was the moment I started worrying. I thought to myself that I wasn't good enough. After that, I made note of the things I ate and looked at ingredients. Weight watchers helped with this. I am amazed at the education WW gives. However, even with that information it taught me, it's wasn't entirely helpful.  I was counting calories, fat, and fiber at the time. It didn't really matter that some of the food I was eating wasn't really good nutrition or the fact that I was still growing and needed more calories for my active life. I saw results though and I lost a bit of weight and was more educated on choices. 

Eating healthy has been a part of my life since then, and it's only improved! Now, thanks to friends, family, and research, I have gained the importance of having a clean diet and the occasional cheat! 

Fast forward to 2010, while spending a weekend in NC with my best friend, Danielle, we discussed vitamins. I had started taking them, not truly knowing why they were good for me. I trusted her though, and started to watch my hair grow faster, my skin look better, and felt all around good. I stuck with them and added more to my regimen. The quality of the vitamins wasn't too good though, BOGO at Publix baby! 

Then, in 2011, I ran my first 5K with my sweet Julie! We had an awesome time. She was hooked big time, and I just enjoyed being active. It all started coming together! 

Now a year later, I never want to look back! AdvoCare was shared with me and it has seriously changed my life! I know that sounds corny, but I have never FELT BETTER, LOOKED BETTER, or PERFORMED BETTER! My family is seeing SUPERB results and I am hooked for life. As much as people probably get tired of me talking about AdvoCare and all it offers, I have to do it. I love seeing people's life change! My mom has done a phenomenol job! Check her out!  I am a teacher guys, we live for this stuff! I live to make a difference!! 

Tonight, I was awarded a $1500 Rookie Bonus from the company for sharing and making a difference with my friends and family. I am completely floored! Our team has worked together to help others make a difference!! We are loving all of the texts, calls, and email about what the 24 Day Challenge has done for them! 

So, here are the pics! I am proud. It's not Jamie Eason or Whitney Carlson, but it's something! Right? And the fact that's it's on an! 

What can Advocare do for you? Want to join me!? If I can do this, anyone can!! Please share with others and let me help YOU and YOUR FAMILY and FRIENDS make a difference in how you feel! It's certainly contagious! 

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